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Pond is the daughter of Turtle and Kinkajou (they had her 12 years after the ending of Darkness of Dragons).  She attends Jade Mountain Academy in the Gold Winglet. She enjoys mangoes. Before she attended Jade Mountain, she would spend most of her time swimming in the ponds and lakes of the Rainforest, living up to her name.


Pond is playful and optimistic, but living with her father has developed a cautious side to her as well. She is not very patient, and will give up easily if she has deemed the reward of her efforts unimportant. She is empathetic and understanding.


Just glancing at her makes it very clear that she is a Rain/SeaWing hybrid. She has the back spines of a SeaWing, a tail that is thick at the base and prehensile at the tip, glowing scales scattered around her back, the slightly serpintine build of a RainWing, and two gills on each side of her neck. She has the RainWing frill as well. her scales can change color on the spectrum of blue and green colors, but are usually a light green.


She can breathe underwater, but she can't take very deep breaths underwater as she does not have the number of gills normal SeaWings have. She has venom, but it is thin, weak, and can't shoot very far. She can see in the dark but her night vision is not as good as a pure SeaWing's. She can change her scales' color on the spectrum of blue and green colors. She can light up all of her light-up scales at once, but can't light them up individually.


She is easily dehydrated, and can't stand dry heat. She can't handle extreme temperatures. She has an urge to swim from her SeaWing side, but sometimes accidentally hyperventilates underwater. Changing from her "default" light-green takes energy if she does for too long. She needs more sleep than an average dragon from her RainWing side. 


Polar-Bear: They are friends, and might have a crush on one another.

Waterfall: They are siblings and sometimes annoy one another, but are moslty friends in a positive relationship.

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