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It is 15 years after Darkstalker was turned into Peacemaker. Some has changed, and a lot has stayed the same. For starters, hybrids are now as common as NightWings, (which are still the smallest tribe, but only by a little.) Because of this, winglets now have eight students instead of seven; all of the Pyrrhian tribes, and a hybrid. Pantalan tribes sometimes do exchanges, but mostly stay separate from Pyrrhia. The no-eating-scavengers policy in the prey canter has been strictly enforced. Moonwatcher and Qibli have returned from the Lost Continent (not really lost anymore) to teach at Jade Mountain. Winter lives a  somewhat busy life, both helping to manage Sanctuary and teaching at Jade Mountain. Sunny has become the self-appointed school councilor, and Peril still lives at Jade Mountain. Mindreading and future-seeing NightWings are commonplace, now that they have been living in the Rainforest for one to two generations. There are now electives at Jade Mountain as well. One more thing: after Winter requested (and got) a bracelet that allowed him to communicate with scavengers from Turtle, he discovered their day-names system, and adopted it for Jade Mountain schedules. New schools have been popping up as well.

Elective options

  • Art (Taught by Mightyclaws)
  • Music (Taught by Pronghorn)
  • Flying practice (Taught by Peregrene)
  • Hunting practice (Taught by Clay, obviously) 
  • Other-Tribe Studies (Taught by Sunny)
  • Extra Reading (Taught by WIP)
  • Herbs and Healing (Taught by Zentangle)
  •  Scavenger Studies (Taught by Winter, obviously)
  • Suntime (Taught by no one)
  • Dorm time (Taught by no one)

Tribe-Specific Studies

  • Aquatic for SeaWings (Taught by Riptide) 
  • Venom Shooting for RainWings (Taught by Kinkajou) 
  • NightWing Power Control for Moonborn NightWings (Taught by Moonwatcher, obviously)
  • Barb/Fire Control for SandWings (Taught by Parodia
  • Fire Control for SkyWings and non-moonborn NightWings (Taught by Thrush) 
  • Sib Coordination for MudWings (Taught by Reed) 
  • Frostbreath Control for IceWings (Taught by Changbai)
  • Hybrids go to whichever class they feel is most useful to them based on their known abilities

Other Required Classes

  • Mathematics (Taught by WIP)
  • Reading/Writing (Taught by Starflight) 
  • Science (Taught by Qibli)
  • Group Discussion Class (Teachers alternate)
  • Basic Flying/Fitness (Taught by Tsunami)
  • History (Taught by Webs, still)

Schedule For Silver Winglet

For the last third of each school day is elective of choice.

  • Monday: First third: Mathematics. Second third: Science w/ Jade Winglet
  • Tuesday:First third: Group Discussion Class. Second third - Basic Flying/Fitness w/ Quartz Winglet
  • Wednsday:First third: Reading/Writing w/ Gold Winglet. Second Third - History w/ Copper Winglet
  • Thursday:First third - Tribe-specific studies. Second third - Group Discussion Class
  • Friday:First third - Required class of choice.  Second third - Elective of choice. Final third - different elective of choice
  • Saturday & Sunday:Exploring days, non-school days.

Silver Winglet

  • MudWing: Egret (PomegranateTheRainWing854)
  • SandWing: Bast (PomegranateTheRainWing854)
  • SkyWing: Inferno
  • SeaWing: Dolphin
  • RainWing: Pomegranate
  • IceWing: Fractal
  • NightWing: Cleverness
  • Hybrid: Driftwood (PomegranateTheRainWing854) (Sea/Rain)


  • Egret + Pomegranate
  • Bast + Inferno
  • Dolphin + Fractal
  • Cleverness + Driftwood

Gold Winglet (Not all spots filled yet)

Quartz Winglet

Fanfictions That Take Place Within This Canon (AKA My Headcanon)

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