Background information
CreatorFeather the Everywing
Main AttributeFerocity
Elemental AttributeFire
Theme ColorDark sky colors
Theme AnimalWolf or Phoenix
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Theme Song
Fall Out Boy The Phoenix
Character information
Agetype here
OccupationMember of the Talons of Death


GoalTo help his father destroy all the NightWing tribe members in existence.
ResidenceCurrently under Mist Mountain



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Enemiestype here
LikesUsing his powers




Powers and abilitiesCan control fire and electricity, but in certain amounts.
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"Do you see the blood of the NightWings on the ground. You'll join them soon enough."
~Phoenix to his enemies

Phoebus is an enchanted DeathWing and TempestWing hybrid and is one of the two children of Orpheus.


Phoebus is mostly covered in dark grayish brown scales with dapples of light gray around his underbelly. He has the exocranium found commonly in DeathWings as well as the tapetum layer on his eyes. His body is mostly based off that of TempestWing, giving him a advantage while flying in battle.

Phoebus' eye color appears brown in daylight, but gives off a soft amber glow at night. His shoulder scales are a little more rugged than the ones at the rest of his body.

A scar runs down over one side of his eye from a early childhood experience.

His wing shape are based off that of a TempestWing while he has thin wing membranes. This gives him aerodynamic advantages in flight, but he must be careful when landing as a major tear can leave him vulnerable. 


Phoebus was enchanted to be able to control fire and electricity. His fire abilities are greater than his electric abilities, due to the fact that he is a hybrid. He can use his fire abilities on three dragons and his electric ability on one. If he tries to use both or go beyond the limit, it'll backfire, and knock him unconscious.

His eyes and wing tips will glow orange whenever this happens, so he'll tend to use it in darkness as dragons will believe it's glowing as he is part TempestWing. 

Back Story

Phoebus was born, enchanted by a SkyWing dragonet named Sunrise to have fire and electric wielding powers. He was born on the night of a blood moon, a day which, to his father, Orpheus, symbolized his potential to rise into power and help destroy the NightWing Tribe.

Phoebus never really wanted to destroy the tribe initially. When his father was busy mapping out the most powerful timelines, he befriended two TempestWings at the age of two. Everything was fine until one day, a rogue NightWing dragonet approached them. Seeing the young DeathWing hybrid, he told Phoebus' friends that they were foolish to befriend a possible enemy. Frightened by the NightWing, his friends abandoned him, leaving the young hybrid defenseless against the fierce rouge.

Phoebus was knocked unconscious by the NightWing, but when he came to, his father was busy healing him, as the encounter had left a permanent scar over his right eye. His father asked him what had happened, and he told of his encounter. The more Phoebus thought about the encounter, the more furious he became about the rogue NightWing. He kept looking for his friends to visit, but they never returned.

Phoebus then realized what his father said was true: the NightWings were to be blamed for the DeathWing's suffering. One that day, he approached Sunrise and asked her to train him into becoming more powerful. Sunrise gladly agreed, and gave him a small enchantment: he would age twice as fast than his sister, allowing him to face more fierce foes and take more damage.

Under her guidance, he gained control of his powers within the Paradise timeline. However, he still was a bit reckless, and tried to use both his electric and fire while training. Sunrise, feeling Phoebus could get deranged by his own powers, and placed limits onto his powers.

As he grew, Orpheus set up a test for Phoebus to see if he was ready to become a recruiter for his army. He would have to kill one NightWing dragon without the use of his powers, and bring back proof of the kill. Phoebus was already aware of the location of the rogue NightWing from his childhood, and using Sunrise's timeline crystal, he took down the NightWing without mercy. His father was impressed, and allowed him to receive his own individual timeline crystal.


  • He often squints his right eye sometimes when exposed to the sun as it's more sensative to light.
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