This page exists as a replacement for the truth about this dragon. The truth is not ready to be released to the public yet, so read at your own risk.


Phobos is an 11-year-old MudWing/SkyWing hybrid who was apparently aligned to the human dimension. They grew up in Syria, causing their soul to be hardened and causing them to go insane, basically. Their parents are unknown. They are extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs... according to most. They are very shy and emo, but they do like to get out occasionally and go bake a pie for a neighbor (which usually gets thrown on the ground and melted). They are compassionate and caring when that side is brought out, but usually they are one of the cruelest dragons in Phyrria. Their best friend is/was Blacklight, a now deceased 7-year-old dragonet who was assassinated by Fatespeaker when she thought Blacklight was a threat to her boyfriend, Starflight. They are scarred deeply because of this, and they will stop at nothing to get revenge. Rumor has it they committed suicide when Blacklight died but it is still very possible they are out there.


Link Between Worlds (incomplete and highly inaccurate)


These are only loosely based facts. May not be true.

From what has been seen, Phobos is a deep, dark crimson-amber with bronze underscales and gold outlining each scale (not actual gold, just the color.) Eye color is unknown but legend has it their eyes are black, deeper and darker than anything in the universe. They are pretty huge (being around 1.5x the size of Tsunami) and their eyes slant slightly more downward than most dragons. They are often reported being seen with black cat-ears on for some reason (the headband-type thing) but it is rumored it is in tribute to Blacklight.

Powershell startup

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if phobos.exe startup)

((terminate security_admin






Processing request...

Command not found. Maybe you meant



powershell.exe terminating...

Enter Password: *******************

Enter Username: Demonicat7

Running "phobos.exe"...


open transport.exe

Are you sure you want to be sent to "phyrria"? This will kill you here and all other dimensions (yttria, cloudheart, grasstitan, etc.)

o k


Transport complete.

Windows has run into a fatal error. Error code n)0ifk. Send to Windows Admin for an analysis.

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