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Lord Phasmophobia
Background Information
Creator Darkdragon2670
Main Attribute Yellow eyes.
Elemental Attribute Ice.
Theme Animal type here
Theme Color Purple.
Theme Song Yeah Yeah Yeah - Jack Conte
MBTI Personality ENFJ
Character Information
Age Thirty
Gender Male
Occupation Leader of The Mandatory
Tribe DeathWings
Goal Kill the Sapphire Seven.
Residence The Mandatory Lair.
Relatives Deceased.
Allies Minions.
Enemies Sapphire Seven.
Likes Killing things.
Dislikes The Sapphire Seven.
Powers and abilities Can breathe a corrosive vapor; regular DeathWing abilities.
Weapons A sickle blade on the end of tail, which is filled with dragonbite viper venom; a scythe.
Ships None.
Quote "The power of Pyrrhia is already mine!"


"NOOOO! My empire! This can't be happening... I refuse to die!"
- Phasmophobia
At first glance, ex-Lord Phasmophobia has translucent black scales, but when a deeper look has been warranted, sparkly shades of deep silver and white are present in his scales and his white enamel exocranium glitters with colors of pearl and abalone. He has glowing rosewood red eyes that shimmer with shades of fiery yellow-orange and calm gold.

But rather than his tail ending in a normal point, he has a scythe blade set at the tip and filled with dragonbite viper venom. Once the venom has hardened or gone out completely, he must have the blade removed and inset again with more venom, until he gets an anonymous animus ally to enchant his tail to stay filled with dragonbite venom that never runs out, which the Sapphire Seven, Lazurite, and Cheatsy all find quite appalling.


"Gah! Give it up already!"
- Phasmophobia


"Just you wait until I've unleashed my secret weapon. Once the apocalypse begins, there's no going back! Bow before me as I rule the world!!"
- Phasmophobia
Placeholder. I want to add his personality after I've finished his part in my fanfiction.
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