Persimmon is a young female IceWing-SkyWing hybrid and the main protagonist of Persimmon's Tree . Her father is an IceWing general in Queen Glacier's army, and her mother was a SkyWing soldier named Citrine in Queen Scarlet's army. She is an assassin who was trained by a reclusive RainWing witch doctor named Poinsettia, who is also her adoptive mother.


In Persimmon's Tree, she was described to be mostly a whitish-grey like an IceWing with a pinkish coloration of SkyWing scales on her underbelly. SkyWing soldiers didn't suspect her being a hybrid, and Persimmon had stated she looked like an IceWing with a peculiar color deformity. Her eyes are blue which have been described to be more IceWing than SkyWing. The spines on her back and tail are similar in color as her underscales. She has a red streak that trails off the end of her eye which she inherited from her father, Spinel. Poinsettia thought her talons were stained with blue IceWing blood and commented on the fact that they seemed to be slightly serrated.


Persimmon has a calm demeanor which tends to be laced with a tinge of anger and worry that might have been caused by her father frequently being unable to return home after spending most days occupied in the Ice Kingdom. She values her family more than her sister does. Despite Sangria pushing her away, Persimmon remains dedicated to protecting the ones she's close to.


Persimmon's Tree

Persimmon first appears in a cave with her sister, Sangria, awaiting the return of their father. She is on constant alert as many MudWing and SkyWing soldiers attempted to discover their hideout. When SkyWing guards flew over their cave, Persimmon and Sangria took their chance to fly into the forest to hide from them. They were later attacked by the guards only to end up being interrupted by one of the SkyWings being physically melted by an unknown murderer.


"I think it might be better than not living. Sangria and I are always in the same place every day of our lives. What if we did want to help? Would that be so bad?" - To Spinel


  • Persimmon breathes frostbreath, but it has a weird tinge of heat to it.
  • She is more slender than a regular IceWing, which gives her an advantage in fighting other dragons.


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