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Peri atheistic by me.

Background information
Creator User:Ivyfrost18
Main Attribute Money+Love
Elemental Attribute equinox
Theme Color Purple
Theme Animal Snake
Theme Song(s) Tbd
MBTI Personality tbd
Character information
Age 14 (human)
Gender Female
Occupation Artist
Tribe SandThings
Residence Some island somewhere
Relatives Parents; little sister
Allies tba
Enemies tba
Likes Music, Movies, Purple, Money, Swimming, Autumn weather, cherries, Being rich, Drawing.
Dislikes The dark, Heat, Pennies, Small spaces, Jerks, Deep water, Brocken pencils, Torn paper, closets
Powers and abilities Fire, Venom tail, Sneaky.
Weapons Baseball bat
Ships None tbh
Quote "Lemme see, ummmm, No."


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~[name here]


ref by me. lines by Joy Ang.

See ref

Peri's looks are odd at least. Her build is long and lengthy and she is very tall. Her scales ar the color of pale sand with dark brown top-scales. Her wings is wear things get messed up. They look like a purple lit bank vault, if you look close, you can see the cash. Peri has a dark purple scales, and hazel eyes. Her horns are black.

In modern times she wears shorts with leggings underneat, and Star Wars t-shirts and hoodies.


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~[name here]

It really depends if you on her bad side or good side. If your on her bad side, she is cold and cruel, she ignores you, or if make her mad or upset, she will most likely slap you and leave things at that. Good side however, is a mix of kindness, sympathy, and funniness. She loves tricks and money. Lots and lots of money. and making s'mores around a campfire, lisining to music, and just talking.

Life story ;)

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~[name here]


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~[name here]

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Peri thinks she is pretty cool, and likes listening to music with her.


Peri likes to hear her play her saxophone. She thinks its pretty neat!

Queen Mintivya

She reminds Peri a lot of herself. She really hopes to meet her one day!


She is super cool! Peri is happy to find a fellow nerd!


She likes Sprocket a lot! They have lot's in common!


She is super awesome! Peri relly likes her, they need to talk more!


She loves her calm and kind nature. They should talk more!


Peri likes her any sometimes they play jokes on each other. Peri would love to know her better.


The Queen of sarcasm. Peri likes her, but they have to talk more.


I LOVE YOU (as a friend). YOU ARE THE BEST!!!


She stole my marshmallows. Butttttt she is still super cool! We need to talk more!!

Sabotage (CB)

He's cool, I don't talk to him much.


I like her, she is crazy and a little freaky but very interesting


Peri thinks Dream is awesome! She wishes they could talk more, she also shares the love of Star Wars with Dreaming.


shes Cool! She looks super prettyand stuff!

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~[name here]


give me a second.

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~[name here]

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