The Order of Darkness (or simply known as: The Order) is a clan created by Nightshifter after he realized he could use some help on his crusade. This clan is mainly composed of Nightshifter's clones and flying ships capable of travelling through timelines. There are only two members who are not clones. Below, you'll find everything you need to know about the members and what they are capable of. Do not edit without permission.


Clones: These nine Nightshifter clone "models" are what make up nearly 98% of the Order of Darkness. They don't have Nightshifter's powers, but have some unique traits that assist them with their job. They are incapable of freely thinking and are all controlled by Nightshifter.

RV-00X (Codename: Raven). Raven models are blind, but can track down their targets using heat vision. They carry two serrated sabers and can sense the slightest change in temperature. Simply staying in the desert will help you avoid them.

GS-00X (Codename: Galesplitter). Galesplitter models are extremely agile and adapted to learning enemy attack patterns very quick. They carry a yanyue dao with a collapsible shaft. Defeating these dragons are relatively easy. Randomizing how you attack will seriously throw them off.

RN-00X (Codename: Ronin). Ronin models are designed for fast, precise strikes. They carry a single katana. They are unable to dodge attacks as quick as they may deal them so they are vulnerable to dragons who can dodge, attack, then get out of range of their next strike.

RP-00X (Codename: Reaper). Reaper models are designed to have a slightly larger attack range than the three clones mentioned above. They carry repeating crossbows and have a somewhat decent tolerance to pain. Their stamina is surprisingly low so forcing them to attack you head on will wear them out.

SH-00X (Codename: Sharpshot). Sharpshot models have the best eyesight out of the other clones and their ability to see into the future is almost as powerful as Clearsight's. They carry crossbows that can shoot arrows powerful enough to go into Burn's stronghold and come out the other side. These models have an extremely low tolerance to pain and prefer to eliminate their targets from a safe distance. Getting close to them and stabbing them will probably be the last time you see or hear from the one you attacked.

AN-00X (Codename: Assassin). Assassin models make almost no sound when they move and, like Galesplitter models, they are extremely agile. They also carry repeating crossbows. Like Sharpshot models, they have an extremely low tolerance to pain so burning/freezing them will instantly kill them.

CR-00X (Codename: Corsair). Corsair models are designed to deliver powerful attacks. It is unknown what kind of weapon they use. After unleashing a really powerful attack, they will need to rest so simply outlasting them in battle is enough to defeat them.

DL-00X (Codename: Deadlock). Deadlock models are designed for precise strikes. It is unknown what kind of weapon they use, but it is speculated that their attacks are slow and difficult to utilize at close range. Melee attacks will easily dispose of them due to the nature of their attacks.

WW-00X (Codename: Whirlwind). Whirlwind models are like Galesplitter models, just a little faster. It is unknown what weapon they use, but it is speculated that the weapon is really fast and has a really short range. Cactus bombs will easily dispose of them.

Super Clones: These are clones who have undergone more experiments and are nearly four times more powerful than normal clones. Unlike normal clones, they are capable of thinking freely allowing them to be a little more "flexible" than normal clones. We cannot provide weaknesses as not much is known about these soldiers.

SP-NX-00X (Codename: Nox). Nox is able to separate his soul from his body essentially making him two dragons. When separated, his soul cannot be hurt by physical attacks.

SP-GV-00X (Codename: Gravedigger). Gravedigger is possibly the most powerful (in terms of attack and defense) super clone. He can dish out massive amounts of damage and has a massive tolerance to pain.

SP-CH-00X (Codename: Charmer). Charmer is able to shape shift and control Dragonbite Vipers making him extremely dangerous.

SP-SH-00X (Codename: Shadowwalker). █████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████

Other: These two dragons are the only two non-clone members of the Order of Darkness. They have been raised and trained by Nightshifter and are possibly the deadliest members. You can find more information about them on a separate page.


Silver (former)

The Armada

The following names are the names of all known vessels of Nightshifter's armada.

Ravager (Flagship. Captained by Nightshifter.)

Dreadnought (Larger than Ravager, used to make enemies attack this ship instead of Ravager. Unknown captain)

Armageddon (Captained by Outcast)

Herkules (Captained by Silver)

Hurricane (near identical replica of Herkules. Unknown captain.)


Leader: Nightshifter

Co-leader/Strategist: Outcast

General: Silver (Former)

Majors: Gravedigger, Charmer, Nox, Shadowwalker (?)

Soldiers: Rest of the clones mentioned above.

Other Information

Location: Last seen in Timeline #████

There are rumors that some clones managed to free themselves from Nightshifter's control and are starting a new group. This group could pose as a serious threat to the Order and may cause Nightshifter to direct his attention towards this group. However, these rumors have never been confirmed.

There are rumors that there is a third class of clones. Ones that use a different template than the normal clones. This new class of clones is said to be nearly five times stronger than super clones and 2-3.5 times larger than normal dragons. These clones are said to be so powerful that they are hidden from the world in order to prevent them from falling into the wrong claws. These clones may be the last line of defence for the Order, should the need arise. However, these rumors have never been confirmed.

Assessment: Avoid at all costs

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