Commoner oombre is all
Light + Rain | 15 dragon yrs. / 25 human yrs. | Lady | Ace + Aro | Commoner Circle Member
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Artist Enigma Other credit LightWings
Aesthetic things Personal things
Inspiration made long ago! probably inspired by friendships old and new Aliases Oomy
Theme doing your best, even if its hard // learning to take a break Reputation hometown friend / Worried Circle member
Aesthetic stained glass / tie dye Motive being able to improve things herself
Songs ex Goal to improve the quality of life for those around her
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  • ref
  • headcanon rainwing! has feathers and glide-wings
  • lithe and bendy!!
  • curly horns, curly unicorn horn!
  • extra toes
  • beak
  • chub tail!
  • mirror scales look more like stained glass!
  • color shifting scales, stained glass scales are Quite Transparent
  • bright brown eyes
  • sharp feathers
  • pastel AND neon scales
  • tries to take charge
  • can understand SOME things quickly, but other things she takes a long time to comprhend
  • really persistent and wouldn't take a break if she deemed it unecessary
  • always needs to be doing Something helpful. always needs to be contributing to SOMETHING
  • gets overwhelmed easily but May have a hard time asking for help
  • generally generous and wants to best for those around her
  • something something write
  • color shifting scales
  • no venom, but can SOMEWHAT do the light thing with her scales. directs different beams of light
  • really good with plants
  • grew up on her dads farm and in her mom's botany greenhouse, so shes quite Versed
  • resourceful + quick thinker
  • reads really fast reading is good and fun
  • dad was Just a bit poor. he worked on his parents farm
  • padre met madre who wanted to start a botany research type thing, looking for support, padre was looking for SCRAPS to help her because he was interested
  • blahblah they were partners who had a few other friends supporting the project
  • whoops theyre in love
  • hey padre owns the farm now but still struggling for crUNCHY cash
  • they had Child and said "well we gotta raise child"
  • oombre was raised helping out around the farm but generally helped the town
  • Kiiiinda lived poor but they weren't to the extent they were starving
  • oombre always went to help everyone out even if she couldnt really afford it
  • took it upon herself to help others, worried herself with others business, wanted everyone to have the best they could
  • eventually, she got old enough to take on other jobs. her parents DID get enough to afford that botany lab and oombre took a lot of interest in helping out when she was bored and hanging out with her mom
  • etc etc etc
  • got voted to be a commoner because of how GENErALLY liked she was in the area
  • Got So excited and took on a lot of promises for her town, started meeting with other towns and started just Filling up her plate
  • gets Nervous and all that but its worth it to see others happy!!!
  • works at the old palace often to assist homeless and those in need
  • i love her

With her RainWing heritage, her scales generally shift colors! Her patterns are hardly the same so just have fun!

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