Artist Timberdash
Background Information
Creator Wolfy
Main Attribute Playfulnes
Elemental Attribute Wind
Theme Animal Cat
Theme Color Light Blue
Theme Song
MBTI Personality ESPT
Character Information
Age 6 (DY)
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Occupation Art, Swimming
Tribe Sea/Light
Goal N/A
Residence Possibility
Relatives TBA
Allies TBD
Enemies TBD
Likes type here
Dislikes type here
Powers and abilities type here
Weapons type here
Ships type here
Quote type here

Name:Ombrié (pronounced OM-bree)



Appearance:Short and slightly thin, but not much.Wings resemble a SeaWings, but with a bunch of tiny mirror spots on the underside.Scales are a pastel blue that fades into normal blue at the tail and legs.Pastel pink colors outline her mirror scales and eyes, which are a light blue.Her horns are short and rounded, as well as her talons,crowns, and spines.She does have glowing spots, but they don't glow very bright, and are a strange pink color.Wing membranes are pearly white as well.

Personality:Curious and playful,likes to play harmless pranks.She loves drawing, as well as reading and swimming.(Will be developed with time)

Backstory:Obrié's SeaWing father lived in possibility, where he ran a little book shop.Her LightWing mother continuously visited his shop, and the two grew very close.Eventually, they had an egg.Her mother was nervous about reveling it to her tribe, due to the tension between the two tribes, and left Obrié with her father.She now lives with her father in possibility, and has never actually met her mother.

Abilities:Can swim very well, but not underwater.She has mirror spots, as well as weak LightWing pain tolerance.

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