Olympia is a female SkyWing and the main protagonist of the fanfiction In for the Kill.</p>


Olympia was born to two SkyWings. She was born 2 years after her older sister Augusta. Olympia would always bother Augusta and Augusta would always make Olympia cry. When Olympia was 6 years of age, a group of exiled dragons came and killed her parents. The next day, her uncle Augustine came to them and told them about the death of his wife. Since then, Augusta and Olympia lived alone. A year ago, Augusta got the job as a spy but she had to hide it from Olympia, she hide it as a messanger. In the present, Olympia had a dream of these 4 dragons, Bramble, Silicon, Blizzard and Crescent and they had family members killed by exiled dragons. It was destiny that they must end the murders.


Olympia is sweet, kind SkyWIng but when it comes to bad stuff, she's mean and bad. She can also be stubborn. When she meets a dragon from another tribe, she acts how she acts to her own tribe members.


Olympia has red scales with an orange underbelly and horns. She has teal eyes. She has the adverge sized wings for a SkyWing.



Augusta is Olympia's big sister. She is always protecting her little sister from anything. They really don't see each other anymore because of Augusta's new job as a spy but she has to hide it from Olympia. Augusta is 10 years of age and Olympia wonders if Augusta will mate and leave Olympia.



  • She is Olympia the SkyWing's main WoF OC
  • She is the main character of In for the Kill