I'm sorry but, don't wanna talk
I need a moment before I go
It's nothing personal

Uh, hey, hello. How can this sparkly weirdo here help you?
- Essence's introduction

In a world like Pyrrhia, you wouldn't expect it to have a place for a dragoness who looks like she's out of a fairy tale. Some may even believe that she's only a myth, a living enigma at most, something that no one could ever hold onto or say that's she's real.

But believe it or not, she's very much real. And all of those stories about her? Well, most of them aren't true.

None of them knows the truth, anyway.

Meet Essence, the dragoness who represents a fairy of light, yet also a soul with possibly one of the darkest histories...

You might just have a hard time believing how such a beautiful mind could hide the ugliest thoughts.

I draw the blinds
They don't need to see me cry

Nixie, or Essence, is the main dragonsona of this cinnamon roll. Please do not plagiarize her in any way, as she is extremely important to me. Kindly keep your talons and tails to yourself while viewing this page, I do not need any help with spellchecking, thank you for your concerns though <3

While Nixie is an overall representation of me, not every part of her description matches who I am in real life, please keep that in mind. c:

Here is Essence's theme playlist!
(some may be explicit)

Cause even if they understand
They don't understand

At first I was afraid, I was petrified
Kept thinkin' I could never live without you by my side

Background Information
Art By Echo!
Creator This gal
Aesthetics Moonlight / gentle waves / stardust / fantasy worlds / mythical creatures / ice crystals / glittery sugar / pastel candies / dove feathers / white cats
Attribute Quiet Strength, Empathy
Element Light, Ice (elemental)
Silicon (chemical)
Theme Animal Snow-white kitten
Theme Color Pale ice blue, pastel purples/pinks, silver
Theme Song
Essence - Hewkii
MBTI Personality INFP-T
Ennegram Type 4w5, Level 4
Alignment Neutral Good
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Character Information
Age 8 dragon years / 17.5 human years
Hatchday May 16
Gender Female
Pronouns She/Her
Orientation Lesbian
Occupation Writer, (graduated) high school student
Other Names Essence, Cinnamon Roll, Kitten, Little Sparkle, Fairy Child
Tribe Rain/Sky/Night
Goal To continue living a happy life, to show that she had survived her past demons
Residence Hikari
Relatives Starsurge (mother, deceased), Bonfire (father, deceased), Paradise (aunt), Dreamcatcher (uncle), Chameleon (cousin brother), Spirit (cousin sister)
Allies Chameleon, Chromium, Music, Songbird, Anima, Isla, Kurante, Utopia, Rush, Renatus, Sage
Enemies Bullies, mean dragons, anyone who hurts those she cares about
Likes Being loved, positive emotions, candy, food in general, peaceful nights, dreams, fantasy, writing, reading, romance, anything emotional, physical affection, Chromium's company, rain, soothing sounds, cool weather, light/pastel colors, moonlight, nighttime, lights, bright places, succeeding at something, music, singing, flying, nature, cute fluffy animals, playing her favorite games, fantasizing, daydreaming, freedom, non-judgmental dragons, falling asleep easily, beautiful words, jokes, comedy, light-hearted subjects, pleasant smells
Dislikes Letting down others, feeling like a failure, sadness and anger, violence, cruelty, dragons being hurt, her dreams being crushed, being told what to do, being treated like a monster, extremely hot weather, being sick, loneliness, seeing others suffer, pain, blood and gore, horror stories, overly dark subjects, outrageously bad grammar, the thought of being unloved, loud and unexpected sounds, natural disasters, sometimes herself, her own insecurities/issues, bugs and insects, stereotypes, any form of discrimination, lightning/thunder/electricity
Abilities Can breathe fire, color-changing scales (very limited), incredibly good hearing, strong intuition and imagination, semi-high intelligence, strong empathy
Weapons Her claws, fire, quills and her typing speed, but she's a peaceful gal c:
Love Interests Chromium
Quote “Happiness? It's not found on the outside... it's felt on the inside.”


Telling someone that they're pretty doesn't work, no matter how many times you do it, unless they choose to believe it themselves.
- Essence

Special. Unique. Phenomenal. This pale colored dragoness with sparkling wings looks almost exactly like a fairy, straight out of her magical tale... only that tale isn't quite as light as she looks. Nixie is not someone you would expect to encounter on the streets, but maybe in a secluded town like Hikari, the sight of her isn't all that startling...

The dragoness has a lean build, not having any extra muscle on her body, and she barely resembles any of her three tribes. For her age, she's considered to be a very small dragon - some might even call her tiny. For the most part, she looks rather weak physically, and she's also quite light due to her bones not having a lot of mass. Her wings are one of a kind, not resembling any of the tribes she's from, and they are unique to her and her only.

For some reason, Essence's round scales are extremely smooth, up to the point where you couldn't see their outlines. In terms of coloration, her main scales are constantly shifting between hues of light blues, purples and lilacs, a sign of her RainWing blood. Although, if you look closely, there are always several streaks of lavender in her scales that she cannot change. They are never only one solid color, often forming gradients that resemble a starry evening sky. This part of her blood isn't dominant, however - she cannot consciously change them, and they are forever stuck within these color ranges.

Her wings, however, are the real deal. Because she's part SkyWing, they are larger in comparison to her body size, though not by much. Their membranes are completely smooth, and the colors here change and ripple constantly with her emotions. Instead of showing her feelings with contrasts in colors, the colors of her wings meld and blend whenever she experiences a shift in emotion, which is very often. Much like her main scales, they can be only light shades of purple, blue or pink. The difference between them is that there are scattered white spots evenly distributed over her wings, a sign of her NightWing heritage. They resemble glittering stardust, or just fine powdered sugar, and when her wings turn a pale shade of blue, they look like shimmering water. The same white spots scatter across her underbelly as well, giving it a glimmering effect. Somehow, her underbelly and her main scales can never be the same color at the same time.

Essence has a light purple forked tongue, along with pretty standard teeth and claws. She does possess two longer fangs, but they are much shorter than a regular RainWing's and they do not contain venom. She sharpens her claws often, and they are a dull grey in color. She has a tail that resembles a normal SkyWing's. Triangular spines line down her back, getting flatter as it approaches her tail. One single triangle stands on its own at the tip of her tail, which is significantly longer than the rest of her spines. All of these have blunt edges and are powdery light blue in color.

A pair of very pale dusty purple horns, which curve slightly downward are present on her head. She has a pair of significantly larger than normal ears. Nixie's eyes are probably one of her most striking features - they are a deep, sharp blue, forming two layers of blue when looked closely.

She keeps a neutral expression, a face that seems to reflect one of the calmest souls... but underneath, her volatile emotions bubble like molten lava, flowing between the fractures and cracks that she has gathered over the years...

After all, some scars that can't be seen are best left hidden, like those cracks in the glass that you will never see...

But then I spent so many nights, thinking how you did me wrong
And I grew strong, and I learned how to get along!


Don't call me predictable if you don't know me... and yes, "normal" is an offensive word to use on me.
- Essence

Perhaps an oxymoron can sum up Nixie's personality in two words: simply complicated.

At first glance, you'll probably see a quiet, perhaps just shy dragoness wandering the streets, an expression of pure cool and calm written on her face. Nothing special about that, right?

This is when you should stop judging a book by its cover.

Essence is nothing like what you would expect underneath - nothing about her is ever going to be simple. While the facade she chooses to show others may seem perfect, she is broken, shattered in many places on the inside. She's a survivor of many terrible events, and the cracks in her soul prove just that. However, they are hidden deep down within her, and she has no intention to reveal them to anyone. As such, no one understands the pain she suffers.

Eccentric is what some will call her. And it's true - even she would agree. She has a tendency to just let her thoughts wander and stare into space, and she wouldn't snap out of it until after a while. To outsiders, she appears distant, and sometimes cold when spoken to. She gets defensive pretty easily when talking to dragons she doesn't know, and sometimes show very little tolerance of them. However, part of this is just because she doesn't know how to socialize, which causes her to appear unfriendly. Honestly, she desperately wants to change this, but the part of her that just values her alone time stops her, until the point where she isn't sure what she wants, exactly.

Around those she's close to, which are a very few individuals, Essence is completely different. Caring, quite funny, easygoing are what you would see if you spent more time with her. She takes a lot of time to warm up to another dragon, but when she does, you can almost already guarantee her utmost loyalty and devotion. Of course, very few dragons has actually reached that stage in her book. And it is even more difficult to reach it now, when she has been betrayed again and again...

Both her dark past and what it has shaped are things that Essence wishes to never bring up. She has suffered from major depression before, and has been pressured to do the unthinkable, once. Anxiety and self-loathing haunts her like a ghost, and if it wasn't for her lucky star, she would have turned into one herself... The dragoness knows no sense of pride. Anyone will perk up and smile at compliments, but not her. Nixie cowers and shrinks back, as if she was struck or in fear, whenever you praise her. She has little faith and hope in both herself and the world, and she had almost forgot how to feel, once...

But beneath this dark side lays a soul made up of light. Essence is quite the selfless dragon, wanting the best for everyone and generally helpful. She would almost always attempt to help those in need, even if her clumsiness sometimes means that those attempts would turn awry. She is very emotional and empathetic, almost being able to feel others' emotions as her own. She believes very strongly in treating everyone kindly, and also thinks that everyone deserves a second chance. Always the sensitive one, it is almost impossible for her to ever speak a word or perform an action that hurts someone else... but it also means that it is infinitely easy for her to feel pain herself...

Perhaps what makes her personality so unique is that many aspects of her clash. She is the same dragon that will forgive you easily, but also hates herself for it. She is the quiet dragon that shies away from society that will also jump into action to defend someone in need. She craves companionship and love, and long to forge deep bonds, yet she also fears and avoids social contact... Some part of her longs to be known and appreciated, yet some part of her wants to stay low and unnoticed at the same time... She keeps trying to stay away from everyone's attention, but also gets jealous extremely easily... These conflicting feelings often run wild in her head, and there are times when she just feels so tired from all of it.

Nixie is a natural born writer - her mind often being able to work wonders with a quill, ink and some paper. She specializes in fantasy - a chance for her vivid imagination to really shine. There is almost nothing she couldn't think of, and her creativity is always a guarantee. She is also especially good at describing emotions, especially sadness and loneliness, two feelings that she can relate most to in her own life...

She has one redeeming quality that never faded from her personality, no matter how dark times were. She is not one to hold grudges or create drama, preferring problems to be solved as quickly and as quietly as possible. Essence is not the type of dragon to argue with you for long, and any argument she gets herself involved in is usually out of beneficial intention... or to defend those she loves. Add that to the open mind that she has, and you'll get a totally different side of her, a funny, charming and companionable dragoness, a side that only shows around those she considers herself closest to, the side that's the hardest to bring out...

Even though this little fairy has suffered much, she is undoubtedly clever, and even has a certain degree of wisdom to her. She learns from her past, her mistakes, even all of her painful experiences. While there still shadows of doubt and negativity in her mind, she is slowly starting to overcome them and is already finding strength with some help... Even if there is still a sorrowful feeling to how she carries herself, she has learned to walk steadily once more...

Essence has fully accepted that she's different, and there's probably no other dragon like her, and she definitely will not tolerate any comments that claim that she's "just the typical dragon". She's stronger now - or at least, she's trying to be, but no matter what, she'll always just be that gentle soul, patient and welcoming, always ready to help out or listen to your problems... even though you might never see it as she keeps herself hidden in the background almost all the time.

She's truly one of a kind, and someone that would be worth knowing if you're willing to get past her walls...

And so you're back, from outer space
I just walked in to find you here, with that sad look upon your face


There is no "right" or "wrong" way to write. Anyone who tells you there is... they're not a true writer.
- Essence

She does have her strengths, even if she sometimes fail to see them herself.

Being a hybrid of two tribes that can breathe fire, Essence does possess this ability and is perfectly capable of producing a normal flame, although less scalding than a normal SkyWing's fire. She also exhales smoke when frustrated or angry. Being part SkyWing meant that the hybrid still has fairly decent flying skills, able to move at a quicker than normal speed when in the air. She has also shown to be able to glide with the wind, that is, staying in flight while not flapping her wings. She has no abilities from her RainWing and NightWing sides, somehow.

Because of her naturally light body weight, Nixie can be pretty agile when she puts her mind to it. She also has the odd talent of being able to squeeze through rather small spaces. Her claws are also in generally good shape and can cause quite a lot of damage if she uses them. Among all her senses, her ears are probably the strongest - she has incredibly sharp hearing, able to detect even small vibrations over other noises. She can dodge and sidestep attacks pretty well, and her strong suit seems to be flight rather than fight.

Aside from physical capabilities, Essence is a very creative and imaginative writer, being able to form sentences and create fantasy worlds with her mind. She is pretty creative and resourceful, able to think out of the box and come up with unorthodox, but often quite effective solutions. Despite what she says, she is pretty smart, and actually has quite the good memory. She can sing fairly well, but doesn't do it often. She has a very vivid imagination, able to illustrate and describe things more intricately than most other dragons. Her empathy allows her to understand emotions better than most as well, and this gift sometimes means that she can feel other's feelings as her own.

It may not seem like it, but Essence is stubborn and quite tough - well, maybe not physically, but past experiences have made her will much stronger and much harder to break. No matter how much she is hurt, she'll never let it knock her down completely and is determined to survive through everything that's thrown at her.

I should have changed that stupid lock, I should have made you leave your key
If I had known for just one second, you'd be back to bother me!


We all have something we can't do... I can most certainly sleep though.
- Essence

Even though Essence is part RainWing, she has no direct control over her scale color. While they shift and flicker with her emotions, it is impossible to tell what exactly she's feeling by just looking at her colors. This also means that she is unable to use camouflage. Her RainWing fangs have no venom in them, and she has no NightWing powers at all.

The hybrid is very frail and weak, not having much physical strength. In a fight, she is very likely to just go down immediately. She has very weak teeth, and using them to bite another dragon would probably cause her more harm than she does them as it would bring a lot of pain. She also severely lacks stamina, tiring out very easily no matter on the ground or in the air. Her naturally slow speed while walking makes things difficult sometimes. Nixie is quite prone to getting sick and has a weak immune system. Her weakest sense is probably her sight, though. The dragoness has very bad eyes, unable to see very far at all, and they get extremely tired easily. She is also night blind.

When it comes to actual skill, Nixie is quite unfortunately very, very bad at it as well. She has almost zero coordination and this causes almost anything that requires detail or precision to become an extremely difficult task. Most of the time, her performances in just about everything is very inconsistent and it's hard for even herself to gauge her own skill level. She might have on-point reaction times occasionally, but most of the time she's just so slow and dreamy that she drifts off into space often, and finds it hard to concentrate on anything that doesn't interest her. She doesn't know how to think logically, and a lot of times this can be a bit tough for her.

Essence has a natural aversion to water, electricity and darkness. She also gets stressed and worked up very easily, and naturally struggles with many negative emotions, mainly her self-loathing and doubt. When she's pressured, she actually can get so anxious that she will completely become unresponsive and productive for a while. She is also generally rather lazy and unmotivated, having a high tendency to procrastinate. The hybrid will also admit that she's rather cowardly and scared of many things, and she often lets her emotions take control of her.

Oh now go, walk out the door
Just turn around now, cause you're not welcome anymore


I'm different. And I'm not someone that you can tell what to be. But I know that those who have a place in my heart will always accept me for who I am, for they understand that I can be whoever I want as long as I do not hurt anyone.
- Essence

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Nixie always had a great relationship with her parents, and undeniably she had a very strong bond with her mother in particular. Starsurge was always her reassurance, a beacon of light whenever she feels lost in the darkness of the world. She helped her find the way in this world, and Essence firmly believes that all her good qualities were taught to her by her mother.

Needless to say, the hybrid was more than devastated when she passed away. She would never forget how her mum used to lull her to sleep when she was afraid, and how she never failed to comfort her whenever she felt insecure. Essence knew Starsurge loved her daughter very much, as much as how she loves her still.

Very Positive


While her mother was more of a protective, guardian parental figure, Essence viewed her father as a really fun yet mature parent to have. The two of them had really similar views and ways of thinking, and often can relate very well to each other. Bonfire always had a penchant for jokes and making everything light-hearted, and Nixie loved that a lot. Her father also offered her a lot of advice, and she is eternally grateful to know that some parts of his personality had been passed down to her - including the aspects of being open-minded and generally easy-going.

Much like Starsurge, she mourned greatly when she lost him. Essence missed how her father could always crack jokes and create a joyful atmosphere no matter where they were, or simply offering her valuable advice. She only hopes that her dad is happy and proud of what she had become.

Very Positive


Chameleon is Nixie's cousin, and the only dragon she is still in contact with from her family aside from her parents. When they were younger, he was almost always her constant companion, playing with her and keeping her entertained. Despite being younger than her, they have conversations easily, and he was the closest thing to a younger brother that she ever had. Unlike her, he didn't have such great luck with parents, and the hybrid constantly tries to show her sympathy by keeping him happy when she was around.

Essence had only stopped communicating with him after she left the rainforest, for she simply didn't want to seek help from Chameleon's parents or acknowledge them in any way after her own parents' deaths. She was worried that that had forever caused them to drift apart, but ever since she received a letter from her cousin who wished her well, and a recent visit after her recovery, she was proven wrong. Out of her remaining family members, Chameleon is the only one she'd die to protect, and she treasures their bond very much.

Very Positive


Essence does not have a high opinion on her uncle, and that shows. She tries to keep a respectful distance, but technically is disgusted by his obnoxious tendencies and sometimes a little terrified of him. Honestly, she only dislikes him mostly because the feeling seems to be mutual - Nixie still has her suspicions that Dreamcatcher never liked her the moment she was born.

She knows that Chameleon isn't exactly happy with his parents, and is fully aware that Dreamcatcher is a big factor leading to most of his unhappiness. She just wishes that one day her cousin would be able to leave the stressful atmosphere of their home and forge a life on his own, away from his father's control. She has no form of familial connection with the Rain/Night hybrid, and the fact that he hardly reacted to his sister's death simply made her resent him more.



Essence's aunt, and someone she has a mostly neutral opinion on. Unlike Dreamcatcher, the hybrid finds Paradise to be tolerable, at least. She still doesn't really have a positive view on her, though. She can clearly see that both her and her husband were biased towards their treatment of their two dragonets, and, well, anyone who caused Chameleon suffering would not be ranked high on her list of nice dragons.

She lost touch with the RainWing after she left the rainforest. Just like her uncle, Nixie feels no emotional attachment to them at all. She hardly doubts that the two probably wouldn't bat an eye if something happened to her, something she's entirely fine with, for she could probably say she feels the same, if not for her sensitivity.



For the first few years Spirit was born, Nixie didn't like her one bit, thinking that everyone was overreacting to a dragonet's hatching, even her parents, for no other reason than she's cute. After the initial jealousy she felt for the younger dragonet capturing most of the attention, she didn't have much feelings towards her, but when it was obvious that her parents started prioritizing and liking her more than Chameleon, Essence felt some sort of anger towards her cousin sister for being partially the reason her sibling was going through a tough time.

Nixie has practically forgotten that she exists, since she lost touch with their entire family after moving away. Still, she doesn't truly hate her in any way, and she believes there's still a chance Spirit would turn out nothing like her parents in the future.


To Essence, Chromium is probably the best dragon that she had ever met in her life. She thinks that the other hybrid is simply so amazing in so many ways, and is undoubtedly horns-over-talons in love with her. Her girlfriend is the reason that she survived something that she wouldn't have otherwise, and until this day she still remains a constant source of support for her, and Nixie doesn't think it's going to change - ever.

She couldn't thank the hybrid enough for all she has done for her, besides being her wonderful girlfriend. Chromium always seems to know what she needs, what to say whenever she cries, how to comfort her whenever she feels unwell or down. She even loves it when the older hybrid teases her playfully, even though she always blushes at those gestures of affection. She is the one of the only few dragons that Nixie feels that she can be entirely comfortable around.

Needless to say, the two enjoy their time together very much, as with each other they've also given themselves the chance to explore things that they've never thought of in each other's absence. Essence doesn't think that there is a feeling better than the one she gets when she is affectionately cuddled up against Chromium, whispering kind words to each other.

Very Positive

Essence had only known of Sake when she saw her and Chromium together. She understands that they have a friendship from their time living in the same place, but the moment she entered the same room with both her and Chromium together, she felt so awkward, anxious and out of place, as if she was disturbing something, yet having a weird feeling of anger that Sake was taking something that belonged to her. Honestly, she felt like Sake was being too close to Chromium, and that she was taking away all of her attention. Her suspicions were later proven partially correct - as Sake indeed had a small crush on the same dragon as she did.

Out of respect for Chromium, Nixie tried to respect Sake as well, despite neither really knowing each other. However, through further observation and experiences, she only saw that the Sand/Night was actually nothing but a rather haughty dragoness with a quick temper, which led to Essence's further dislike of her.

She can't truly say that she hated Sake, for she never really talked to her to begin with, yet she simply... can't feel comfortable around her. She secretly wished for Chromium to stop talking to her, so that she doesn't feel threatened by her presence anymore. She thought it was a dream when her girlfriend indeed broke off their contact later, and doesn't want to remember her anymore.


Essence knew that Windfall was a friend of Chromium's too. Unlike Sake, however, she had actually spoken to him before, and to her he was actually a pretty nice individual. She was surprised, too, as he was also a friend of Sake's and the two were frequently seen together. The SkyWing was actually rather polite to her, which was a surprise on its own as his tribe wasn't known to be the most friendly. Essence respects him for that.

Nixie almost had a heart attack when she first saw Chromium and Windfall together, mistaking them for a couple until Chromium proved her wrong. She had been extremely jealous of him back then, for taking up most of her crush's attention, but once she was proven wrong, she had almost forgotten about him. She was also surprised when Chromium ended her friendship with him, but nonetheless she could say she's happy about that.


Twix was also a friend of Chromium's, along with Sake and Windfall. Her soft-spoken and kind nature made her stand out, and even though Nixie was admittedly jealous for also dividing Chromium's attention away from her, she couldn't really be mad at her. She has interacted with her before, and found that she was actually nice.

Chromium had also lost touch with Twix when she broke off her connection with the other two, but Essence had never hated that dragoness like how she had with Sake, or even Windfall. In all honesty, she wouldn't really mind if she saw her again.



Rhythm was once an old mutual friend of both Chromium and Essence. In fact, Nixie probably wouldn't have met Chromium if it wasn't for the RainWing. She once also treasured the friendship she had with her, believing that she had found someone great to spend time with along with Chromium.

Believing that she genuinely considered Essence a friend was the greatest mistake she had ever made. Over time, Essence only saw her as a snobby, pushy and demanding, possibly spoiled dragoness with no redeeming qualities. Rhythm had yelled and threatened her once (despite it being an empty threat) and that was the final step for her to cross the line between mixed feelings to utter and complete dislike. She doesn't understand why Chromium was such good friends with her to begin with, and started to resent her for also possibly ruining her relationship with her crush back then.

Somehow, Essence and Chromium lost contact with her, and over time the feeling of hatred had subsided and dulled out. Chromium had actually agreed with her on most of the views on Rhythm after she shared them. Nixie had met this dragoness one last time by mistake, as well as Chromium did, but it was clear that the RainWing had never valued her as a friend, as she had completely forgotten about her. Chromium appeared to have distanced herself from Rhythm as well after that incident, and now Essence just doesn't think about her anymore.


Nixie was seeing Songbird as her therapist to help cope with her depression. In the process of her healing, the Rain/Ice hybrid had always been patient with her, and from there, a steady friendship was formed. Essence is not only eternally thankful to Songbird for helping her overcome her mental obstacles, but now sees her as an older figure that she can rely and count on whenever she needed a listening ear.

She can greatly sympathize with her stage fright, although Essence sometimes finds it a little uncanny that the hybrid is surprisingly adept at being social in every other situation. In the same way, the healer helps to relieve some of her concerns of being who she is, as Songbird also has a wife named Music. At this point, Nixie may even almost consider her a parental figure, which they are both surprisingly okay with.


Anima is one of Hikari's most popular performers, and it's no surprise that Essence has heard of her before she even saw her. She had never expected a dragon who was unable to fly to be able to stay so happy and optimistic about life all the time, and some of her songs truly inspire her. What surprised her further when they did meet and talk was that Anima wasn't just a talented dragoness - her natural kindness and patience made her a good friend.

Nixie didn't think she'll become a close friend of the other hybrid's, but she's happy that she did. She is surprised that Anima also ended up with Isla, another one of her best, and only friends, but feels extremely happy for them, thinking that they are a fantastic couple, not to mention their cuteness, reminding Essence of Chromium and herself. Overall, she is a dragon Essence admires very much, and their relationship couldn't be better.

Very Positive

As soon as Essence met the little IceWing, she felt an instant connection with her. Isla was like her in many ways - quiet, reserved, and has experienced traumatic events in the past. Surprisingly, the two didn't find it too difficult to open up to each other, despite both of them being secretive dragons by nature. Nixie enjoys talking to her, simply because Isla can understand her feelings just as well as she understands hers.

To Isla, Essence is someone who can offer her valuable advice and help, as shown when she consulted the hybrid about her crush on Anima, and to Essence, she can always rely on Isla to be a good friend. They enjoy their time spent together, be it in silence or having a friendly conversation.

Very Positive

Essence greatly admires the Rain/Sea hybrid's musical talent, and being a sucker for extremely fast tunes as well, she enjoys the songs she plays through the lyre, and likes her cheerful personality. She also relates very much to her fear of loud and unexpected sounds.

She knows Kurante through Anima and Isla, and even though she finds her excitable personality a little overwhelming for her sometimes, she loves the positive and light-hearted vibe she always brings to the room every time they spend time together. She also absolutely adores the music she and Anima (and sometimes Isla as well) produce when they collaborate, and the fact that they share such a strong friendship warms her heart.


The quiet and musical Ice/Rain hybrid is greatly adored by Essence. She loves listening to her music and spending time with her, along with all of their friends. She finds her pretty interesting and admires how she radiates silent strength and determination, as it reminds Nixie a little bit of herself. Their chats together are usually pretty thoughtful and deep, but most of the time Utopia is just like her - enjoying the silence together.

She does think Rush and her complement each other though, and sometimes laughs a little as their antics are admittedly quite cute. Essence is also seriously figuring out how to beat her in mind games, as none of them are as good as she is at a regular game they play.


Essence sees Rush as a great complement to Kurante's cheerful personality, as well as a nice balance to his girlfriend's quieter behavior. She likes how he constantly makes the mood in the room lighter whenever they are together, and enjoys how he is all fun and games, never really taking things so seriously. It's partially the reason why she befriended him quickly, as they have similar taste for jokes, despite Rush being much more talkative than she is.

Rush also surprised her by being caring and understanding when she least expects it, and she can see now in his eyes that he is the type that will sacrifice anything to protect those he loves. This quality alone is already making the Sea/Mud hybrid a very respectable and likable dragon in Nixie's eyes, and she believes this isn't going to change anytime soon.



Evening is a RainWing who's Nixie's oldest friend, back when she was in the Rainforest Kingdom. She had her doubts about their friendship, as gossips about Essence's eccentricity were still hot topics in her school the time they spoke to each other. However, unlike Rhythm, Evening visited her after she found out she lived in Hikari and remembered her, and expressed sympathy on her loss. Essence still considers her a good friend even though they mostly keep in touch through letters and texts.

She might not be as close to her as she is to her other local friends, but whenever they do have chats, they get along well, surprisingly, for their interests are vastly different. Nixie still considers it a good thing, though.


Until this day, Essence still doesn't know how has she managed to make such a mistake.

She sometimes still blames herself for ever believing that Dawn was her significant other, and once hated herself for letting her take Chromium's place in her heart. It wasn't just that - the SandWing eventually became one of her main causes of depression and self-loathing, and needless to say, Nixie no longer has any shred of regret regarding their failed relationship.

She was once weak, so much that maybe it was one of the reasons that Dawn dared to physically hurt her, but that is a thing of the past - Essence eventually grew strong enough to kick the dragoness out of her life completely. She has moved on from it, but she'll never forget how hard the process was. Essence doesn't find it quite like herself to hate someone - but that's possibly the closest thing she could feel for Dawn. In fact, she has to admit that she doubts that they were ever in a positive relation in the first place.

Very Negative


Essence honestly has never known Arcene well. The SeaWing has just always been a thorn in many dragons' sides, and (in her words) she was just unlucky enough to be one of them. The other dragoness, to Nixie, is nothing but a bully, and constantly talks everyone around her down, creating a stressful and unhappy atmosphere when there is no need to.

Nixie has bad experiences with her, even excluding the fact that she and Dawn are basically best friends, considering that she was often one of the targets that Arcene likes to belittle and sneer at, and it's obvious that the SeaWing considers her useless and incompetent. It was nothing good to her already bad self-esteem, except that the fact that the other dragoness was nothing excellent herself, aside being much more academically intelligent.

Overall, she thinks that Arcene is just a pain to deal with, but the fact that almost no one really likes her, and she really doesn't see her that often anymore, it doesn't bother her as much.
















Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye?
Did you think I'd crumble?


Um, I'm afraid there's no right way to answer that question...
- Essence

  • Nixie is both my dragonsona as well as the first character I've created on this wiki <3
  • Her coding is supposed to sort of resemble stained glass windows
  • There is a reason for her three tribes - RainWing to represent her creativity, colorful thoughts and her light-hearted nature + SkyWing to represent her love for flying and freedom + NightWing to represent her secretiveness, dark thoughts, while still retaining endless imagination and curiosity
  • Most of her playlist songs + music are either reminiscent of her sadness, loneliness, emotions or just her fantasy-like vibe
  • Co-owns two pet cats with Chromium - one is a fluffy light orange, patched cat named Sparkle, the other is a pure white cat named Snow
  • Right-taloned
  • By birth month, her gemstone is emerald while by zodiac sign, her gemstone is sapphire
  • Socially anxious and very awkward
  • Often clueless
  • Secretive, feels very anxious when asked to "open up" to strangers
  • Struggles to talk with almost anyone but talks frequently to herself, animals and a few select inanimate objects
  • Ravenclaw and proud
  • Speaks Chinese, but bad at it (she greatly enjoys writing with the language though)
  • Originally thought she was a bisexual who leans towards females, discovered she's gay when she no longer feels anything for males
  • Rainy nights are the best
  • Nighttime > Daytime
  • Sometimes a night owl, sometimes not really, is tired almost 24/7 and never an early riser
  • Quite the deep sleeper and a heavy dreamer. She remembers almost all of her dreams vividly
  • Has a lot of diseases in her bloodline
  • More emotionally vulnerable when sick or injured physically
  • Enjoys singing and is decent at it
  • Likes music, especially electronic/instrumental and sad, uplifting songs
  • She also really enjoys a genre called artcore
  • Adores nature
  • She likes almost every animal in existence, however, in her opinion, all insects/worms etc, with the exception of dragonflies can burn up and die
  • Not really a vegan, but doesn't eat a lot of meat, sticks mainly to fish
  • She used to like coffee, but recently discovered that she might be allergic to it :(
  • Greatly enjoys whipped cream, but not the ones that taste really artificial
  • Has a sweet tooth despite all her already weakened teeth
  • Huge fan of PC games despite not being really good at any
  • Despises horror movies/games/stories, as well as most form of blood/gore
  • Wishes she could do magic half the time
  • Scared of water and drowning due to a freak accident since young
  • Ironically she finds rain very soothing and peaceful, and thinks that the sound of rain falling is very calming
  • Thinks of herself as ugly
  • What's logic
  • Hates dragons that call others immature often
  • She secretly doubts that her writing skills are all that good
  • Can't draw at all, everything comes out as a mess
  • Very obsessed with grammar and is particular about mistakes, corrects her friends often
  • Cries extremely easily, whether out of real emotion or reading/listening/watching sad things
  • Likes the smell of mint, lavender and vanilla
  • She loves citrus fruits a lot
  • Her favorite colors are all pastels and light shades, mainly blue and purple
  • Far from a perfectionist but very, very obsessive when it comes to her writing
  • Talon-writing sucks
  • Actually decent at math, but has mixed feelings towards it
  • Homophobes really, really upset her. She hasn't met much in her life and she's grateful for that, but she knows individuals who have been hurt by it, and for this she feels terrible too
  • Sometimes stare off into space
  • In case you haven't picked it up yet, she loves cats, perhaps a little too much
  • She has quite a few stuffed animals on her bed and her favorite is a pink cat
  • Knives and several sharp objects terrify her to no end, but this varies with context and situation
  • She feels very stressed when she has to talk to multiple other dragons at once

Did you think I'd lay down and die?

It hurts just to talk about it - no, sometimes it hurts too much even to think about it. I mean, they're gone, everything is gone, and I'm reminded of the fact that I'm all alone...
- Essence


Warning: Essence's history can contain sensitive/potentially triggering elements, such as self-loathing, depression and attempted suicide . Please do not read if you find any of those disturbing.

Because her history is rather extensive and detailed, it will be split into 5 acts. The mature content only starts to kick in at around late Act 3/early Act 4 onwards, so you may still view part of the writing without seeing the sensitive content.

Spoiler warnings will be present before the content I mean to deliver in a fanfiction first arrives.

Act 1

It all started with the very unconventional meeting of two young talented healers.

Starsurge, a RainWing and NightWing hybrid, and Bonfire, a SkyWing, met in the rainforest, the home of the former. The SkyWing had moved to the home of the peaceful forest dragons, in hopes of escaping the stressful environment of his own hometown, wanting to take a break from all the yelling that one would expect from there. As he defied the stereotypes of a SkyWing in almost every way, being someone who's gentle, skilled in the arts of healing, and well, just a dragon who wouldn't burn down everything in general, the RainWings agreed to let him stay.

Well, they say love is weird, right? Who expected two dragons of completely different tribes to fall in love this easily? Yet, the moment fate decided to put them together in the same room, an odd chemistry sparked between them. Neither of them felt like their lives were ever the same after their initial meeting. And the two were not believers of defying destiny. They went with the flow, and eventually ended up in a steady relationship.

Their love only grew and blossomed with each passing day, until the point where they were happily married. Starsurge and Bonfire agreed to have an egg, and so they did. From this pale blue egg streaked with lavender that was hatched in the first few moments of nightfall, Nixie was born. She received endless love and affection from her parents the moment she came to this world, and soon learned to give the same love back to them. She also quickly adopted the nickname Essence, essentially becoming her second name alongside her birth name.

But even in her early life, she was... different. She stood out from the RainWing and NightWing dragonets in the local school she attended, but not because she had SkyWing blood - no, no one really judged her for that. No - she was somewhat naturally socially inept, her parents being the only figures she would actively speak to. Teachers have spoken to her parents before, as she would frequently have trouble communicating in school, no matter to other students or teachers. To be honest, she tried making friends, but several attempts have turned awry, and her intentions were misunderstood as something hostile. For some reason, she was eventually dubbed as the "weird and crazy one" in her school, and not in a good way at all. Maybe it was her tendency to appear distant and aloof, almost far away from this world, or maybe some of them just thought she preferred to isolate herself anyway (which is kind of true). Anyways, Essence was a little unhappy about being picked on, for obvious reasons, and isn't the most enthusiastic about school.

Of course, all of these had effects on her developing personality. She doesn't have much confidence, and often walks with her eyes cast to the ground. Her parents have tried to make her communicate more with others, but to no avail - they realized they couldn't force her to do anything if she felt uncomfortable. She wasn't a bad student by any means - teachers were satisfied with her academic performances as well, they just think that she's... weird. Someone who couldn't fit in. Nixie often felt upset about this, and wondered if she would ever find a place she belonged in.

On the flip side though, her life was still relatively great. She was happy at home, if not at school, and it wasn't like her parents weren't great company. She learned that she enjoyed reading, preferring to stay at home and do so while listening to music anyway. Her parents took her on trips often, but she still preferred to stay where she was most of the time, and that was at home - her own sanctuary where nothing could harm her, not even the harsh and snide comments she often received outside of it. Besides her obvious social problems, her parents saw no problems with her. She was still a relatively quick learner, and always had decent grades despite not being the top of the class. Even with no one else but mostly her parents in her life, she was contented and peaceful with life in the rainforest, with no intention of ever moving out.

That was until the day Essence discovered this little haven near the borders of the continent.

A place named Hikari.

Act 2

It all began when the family took a trip to the southern regions of Pyrrhia.

They had only stumbled upon the humble little town by pure mistake, but she fell in love with it immediately. She was drawn to both the culture of the dragons living in Hikari, as well as its reputation as the Town Of Light. Essence was extremely interested in the technology there, and being from the rainforest meant that she had no idea what computers or any other electronic devices were. They stayed a bit longer than they had initially meant to, and she learned fast, meaning that she was soon able to operate them just as well as any resident of Hikari. She even started to develop her writing skills after persuading her parents to get her a computer of her own. With each passing day that she spent there, Essence only felt more and more that she was meant to be there.

And that was exactly what she told her parents.

Starsurge and Bonfire was worried - naturally, since Nixie was only four years old, but after consulting Infia, the town's leader, she confirmed that Essence wouldn't have a problem, as most of residents were very kind and caring, especially to younger dragonets. Plus, she could attend school there as well, something the little hybrid felt excited about, since it meant leaving her old one behind. In the end, her parents agreed to let her stay, but they couldn't do the same since they wanted to keep their old jobs, and were very happy with it. After some negotiation, they did manage to get her her own house in Hikari, though.

Essence relieved some of their worries when she moved into the town. She had little to no trouble with taking care of herself. And for the first time ever - she felt truly happy. It was no doubt that her heart and soul belonged to that town, and that wasn't changing anytime soon. With a computer of her own, she started posting her written works, and they generally received positive responses. Essence had almost decided very early in her life that she wanted to be a writer, utilizing her natural-born imagination and ability to describe feelings vividly.

Life in her new school was much, much better - residents in Hikari were much friendlier than her old classmates. She wasn't exactly singled out for being too different, and her new friends were accepting. Essence felt happy - both in her new home and school. She figured out that she was more romantically attracted to females than males quite early on, and she only told this to her few close friends in school, but she was accepted quite easily for this.

Then, life was normal... relatively normal, until a single dragon entered her life and changed almost everything.

It all began when she befriended a RainWing named Rhythm.

And with her, came another dragoness that she didn't know would cause such a drastic change in her life.

And that dragoness was Chromium.

It sounded ridiculous, now that she thought about it. It was just a random encounter at a local event. A meeting by chance, with a dragon that didn't even live in that town. Someone that she wouldn't have encountered if it wasn't for a certain RainWing who invited her.

But the instant she stepped into her view, Nixie was undoubtedly drawn to her.

She didn't know exactly how. But fate somehow was on her side - the dragoness walked up and talked to her, with a clear offer of friendship, which the little hybrid accepted immediately. The two hit it off quite well, and became close friends alongside Rhythm.

Essence had no idea that there were deeper feelings growing within her heart. Feelings directed specifically at one silver dragoness.

Of course, being a complete stranger to such emotions, she ignored them.

Chromium revealed that she didn't live in Hikari - she had a home somewhere called the Guild Of Secret Whispers. However, she promised to keep in touch through writing, and Essence agreed. And she kept her promise - she received a letter just about one week after Chromium left. She didn't know that the fact that she felt so happy, almost ecstatic after receiving a response from her was a clear sign of something more than friendship.

She thought they would fade with time, especially after Chromium went home. She assumed that they were just irrelevant thoughts, manifestations of her clingy nature.

She was wrong.

And she didn't know that letting these emotions fester was the wrong way to go about it.

The feelings only intensified when Essence invited the older dragoness to a local dance party. She said that it was an open event, and everyone was free to attend. To her surprise, Chromium accepted almost instantly. She was a little disappointed when she knew that Rhythm was attending through her reply letter, but didn't show it. The RainWing had became more hostile towards her ever since Chromium and her got close, and Essence was starting to have doubts about her, but in fear of ruining her friendship with Chromium, she kept silent.

Her confusing feelings all came out in a mess on that night, when the grey dragoness attended. She was utterly surprised when Chromium decided to spend time with her instead of Rhythm who was also hanging around, and was incredibly delighted when she invited her to dance. As they did, Nixie probably realized that her jumbled emotions meant that she "liked" Chromium more than she was supposed to, but still refused to act on it. After all, she didn't want to possibly scare the other dragoness or let her assume that she was insane - the thought of her leaving was too much.

These conflicting thoughts was made worse by the RainWing who was supposed to be her friend. Only by a few mishaps, Rhythm threatened her - well, it was nothing more than a few hurtful words and careless insults, but Essence assumed that they came from the fact that she hated the fact that she and Chromium got close. Fearing the worst, she distanced herself away from Rhythm, feeling unsafe around her, and worried that she might tell Chromium things about her that could distance them.

She didn't know it, but that never happened. She was relieved when Rhythm had moved out of Hikari, without telling her at all, not that she cared much by that time. She was a little skeptical whether Chromium had any changed opinions on her after that event, but some of her doubts were relieved when her letters still came after she went home. She even invited Nixie to visit her home sometime later, which the hybrid happily agreed to.


Who knew that life would soon throw her into a total tailspin?

Act 3

When Essence had turned six, she thought she had her life settled into a steady pace. Well, mostly.

She visited Chromium regularly at the Guild Of Secret Whispers, learning about the place and her other friends there - a Sand/Night hybrid named Sake, a SkyWing named Windfall, and a Sky/Ice named Twix. At first, she saw no problem with them - but as time passed by, she grew a little jealous of the fact that Chromium was close with them, especially Sake, the dragoness her (believed to be) close friend always spent time around. Even as time passed by, her feelings towards Chromium never faded, but she never stopped to acknowledge them.

Essence still responded and wrote letters to Chromium like she always had, but somewhere along the line she had seen Chromium with Windfall multiple times, shocking her and making her believe that she was already in a relationship. She didn't understand her feelings of love towards the other hybrid, but she knew she was immensely saddened. However, when she tried to find out the truth, she was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong. The oblivious little hybrid didn't know that the feeling of joy she experienced when Chromium told her that she was never in a relationship was a clear sign of love. She didn't know that she was feeling jealous, and this jealousy only grew as she saw that Sake too was frequently seen around Chromium. She suspected that Sake liked Chromium as more than a friend as well.

However, that wasn't the greatest problem she had to face. She was still a talented young writer that was actually earning enough for herself to survive even without much help from her parents. She still paid Chromium and her parents visits to their respective homes.

That was until the event happened.

All was well until an unfortunate accident happened on one of her visits.

It was a stormy night - the rain was pouring, and lightning was roaring above the skies. Somehow, destiny was cruel to her - one bolt of lightning struck the treehouse they were staying in, and everything burst into flames. It caught them by surprise that they almost had no time to react, and it was a wonder how Essence managed to end up completely unharmed.

Well, the same couldn't be said for her parents.

In their best efforts to get their beloved daughter out of the house, they succeeded - but at a cost - their own lives. In a panic, she fell out of the tree and crashed, suffering a few cuts and bruises, but no major injuries otherwise. Somehow, even when she had passed out from shock, she knew what had happened.

When she woke up, being treated by a few healers that used to work with both her parents, she didn't need them to tell her that her parents were reduced to a pile of ashes.

And from that moment onward, something in her heart shattered, making her feel like one part of her was now missing. Permanently.

At her parent's request, a few kind RainWings and NightWings (and even some SkyWings who were Bonfire's old friends) accompanied the young dragoness to the edge of the ocean, and she watched numbly as the grey ashes that were once her parents got thrown in and lost in the deep blues of the sea.

Nothing was ever the same again, after that.

Nixie, being the only dragonet, inherited everything her parents had ever had, and would have no problem sustaining life even after their deaths. The dragons in the rainforest had kindly told her that since their old home had been burned down, they had cleared up another treehouse for her and she could rightfully call herself its owner, but she declined. She couldn't go anywhere near the place that cost her parents' lives. After attending their funeral, she flew away from her old home, never looking back, with tears flowing down her face.

For the first time ever, she felt that she was completely alone.

While she had had her difficulties before this incident, they had never been bad enough to shroud her world in darkness entirely, had never been able to summon thoughts to her mind that had never existed before. Many times, Essence would visualize dark images of self-harming or even ending her life, but none of them made her actually follow through. Most of the time, she would simply just shut herself away from the world, even more so than before, and sleepless nights became almost a ritual. Simply because whenever she fell asleep, nightmares and gruesome images of the night that ruined her entire life would replay endlessly in her mind. Everyone who saw Nixie during that time was becoming worried about her, for she often appeared with dark circles under her eyes and a very detached expression, if she showed herself at all.

She thought that she had finally found a break and relief after an unlikely event occurred - a dragoness named Dawn at her school confessed to her, asking for her to be her girlfriend. At that point, Essence was so emotionally weak and drained that the confession sounded like heaven to her, and she accepted almost immediately. No one would blame her, honestly - she was simply too heartbroken, and had been craving company and comfort for too long.

She ignored the little scream of pain her heart let out at the brief image of a certain silver dragoness in her mind.

At first, Nixie almost thought Dawn was her remedy. And she played the role well too - she visited and stayed with the little hybrid often, comforting her whenever she was down. But what they had didn't last long. The SandWing started ignoring her, but it only got worse from there. She started verbally abusing Essence, claiming that she was a nuisance every now and then, and then once, she outright hit her on the cheek.

Dawn herself appeared shocked at what she did, but she simply backed off and continued to ignore her, leaving the dragoness's mental state to further deteriorate. She fell further and further into her state of depression, and the breaking point was when on a day, her supposed girlfriend just stood at her front door when she returned, and told her that she no longer wanted to be together, and just left Essence in the dust.

Essence ended up even more emotionally destroyed after that, but not because Dawn left her - in fact, she suspected that she never loved her in the first place, and this feeling was mutual. It was because it gave her the impression that she truly was nothing but trouble, someone that no one could love, and those who did were all gone. If she had missed Chromium previously, her most recent breakup made her wish for her presence even more. She had thought about writing to her, even just sending a text to see if her friend still remembered her.

But every time she debated on sending a letter or text, the words from Dawn came back to haunt her, causing her to give up the plan for fear she'd cause Chromium any unnecessary problems. Hearing that from Dawn was enough, but Essence knew she couldn't take it from the silver dragoness that her heart had grown so fond of. So, despite all of the longing, she never sent a word.

The rest of her history has a place in the story Broken Glass. Please avoid reading if you want to avoid spoilers!

The little hybrid had no idea that depression had taken hold of her life, and the fact that she was not seeking help made it worse. After she had graduated from school, she would have proceeded with her dream of being a writer - except that she has completely lost her motivation to do anything, including the one thing she was good at. She felt like everything in life has lost its meaning, and the thought of ending it all sounded more and more appealing as days passed by.

Yet, there was one thing keeping her to this world - Chromium. Every time she thought about leaving, about joining her parents in the afterlife... the image of the silver dragoness with gold eyes stopped her. If anything, Nixie thought these feelings made it even worse - pining after a dragon that could never belong to her, remembering someone so vividly when she could have easily just forgotten Essence, feeling so lonely every night, only to be greeted by terrible images if she let herself sleep...

She didn't know if losing her ability to feel completely would provide her less pain than that.

Until the day it happened.

Act 4

It took her by surprise.

Essence didn't know how or why it happened, whether she had been close to this point before or not - it just came, like a huge wave knocking all the breath out of a dragon caught in it. The same could be said for her emotions in this case, as after some time, she couldn't feel anything anymore.

Well, she wasn't completely numb to the feelings of the heart, exactly. She could still feel the pain, suffering and self-loathing that she assumed would never end. But it was getting harder and harder to distinguish these feelings from one another, while she could have done it easily in the past. She couldn't tell apart grief, loneliness or just plain sadness anymore, and it escalated to a point where she felt nothing. Needless to say, positive feelings she once known - joy, hope, and perhaps even love had left her in the dark.

She thought she was hopeless, and it would have been true, if the one dragoness who could save her never showed up on a stormy night.

Chromium, the one dragon she didn't even know she was in love with, came to her aid in the darkest point of her life.

I'll never forget you... all of you.
- Essence

Note: Before asking to be added into relationships, we must have spoken to each other before, and only sonas are accepted here. It doesn't take long though, just a friendly chat will do! Feel free to strike up a conversation on my wall c:

Relationships will be updated when time passes by, as I see fit <3

Friend. Best friend. Essence doesn't even think those two words can be used to describe Frosty's relationship with her.

Ever since they've met, the two have constantly bonded over the things they have in common. Nixie has always felt like she stood out - and not always in a good way - and was utterly surprised to find that Frosty felt the same. And with her, she felt like she finally belonged, somewhere. She doesn't think that there is another dragon who can connect to her on such a spiritual level.

No matter what happens, Essence trusts the Sky/Ice to be there for her. She doesn't doubt for one minute that their friendship will overcome the trials waiting for them.

Very Positive

Vaporwave was among the first dragons to welcome her when she started out as a newbie. Honestly, Nixie finds herself blessed to have met such a kind and caring individual the moment she came here. The Rain/Night hybrid had already gave her an impression of a very friendly and welcoming individual when they met, and her view of them hasn't changed. Quite the opposite, actually, as Essence feels like she can happily call them her friend.

She really admires the other hybrid's generosity, and how they always seem to enjoy gifting their friends with art, or otherwise. They have amazing artistic talent, and she truly hopes that they realize that. Overall, she simply thinks of Vapor very highly, and Essence is looking forward to becoming closer to the hybrid even more than before.

Very Positive

Essence has seen the little tribrid around, and she has a positive view on her. She can relate to the feel of having the heart and soul of a little dragonet, and while she does not necessary feel the constant need to explore and be adventurous, she admires this part of Wanderlust's personality. She can see the loyalty and courage in her, and honestly thinks that her ideas are often amazing.

She also likes cats, which Nixie find that too relatable, and also really likes her kind attitude towards animals. She sees Wanderlust as a potential friend!



Essence felt an instant connection with the other dragoness the moment she started a conversation with her. In short, the little hybrid finds Ari to be extremely relatable, not counting their same zodiac sign or almost-same hatchdays.. They're almost exactly alike - both being shy, quiet individuals with soft-spoken personalities. The little hybrid also relates to her bad vision, being emotionally sensitive and even to their mutual love of stuffed animals.

She sees a lot of herself in the other hybrid and hopes that she can be more confident with who she is, something that Nixie sometimes find trouble with too. She doesn't understand why anyone would look at her with distaste for simply having scoliosis, and she often wishes that she could give Ari a hug. Essence is just eternally glad that they've met, giving them the chance to converse on mutual topics and have great moments together.

The relationship has been positive since day one, but over time, Nixie knows that she's getting closer to Ari and becoming good, even great friends together. She sees her as an amazing individual and an even better friend, not just to her, but to everyone else.

Very Positive

Nixie thinks that the SkyWing is awesome, and actually admires a lot of her skills. She is good at writing, character development and has amazing artistic talent. While she had only spoken to Dryad for a short while, she definitely enjoyed having a conversation with her. Essence thinks she's very kind and easy-going, something she appreciates in dragons.

She hopes to interact and become closer friends with her in the future. Her view on Dryad is definitely positive.


Dumbo is her birth twin, both being tribrids born on May 16th, but more than that, a really good friend that she considers herself lucky to know. Ever since they came and has generously showered her with gifts, usually what they made with their incredible artistic talent, she has grown fonder of them. Essence thinks that they give themselves too little credit sometimes, as she believes that they are amazing.

Even putting that aside, they share so many mutual interests, from their similar taste of music to their general preference of colors. Nixie genuinely enjoys all conversations with them, and hopes that they'll stay around. While Dumbo frequently compliments her for her writing and character developing skills, Essence thinks that the other tribrid has wonderfully developed characters of their own too.

In short, Dumbo is someone she's infinitely glad to have met, and a dragon that brings positive vibes to everyone here.

Very Positive

I don't get your fascination with taking pictures!
- Essence

Feel free to draw her without permission, I'll always appreciate it c:

Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to this gallery! Love you all <3