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Description: Black or dark-colored scales and eyes; scattered star-like patterns under wings; forked black tongues

Abilities: Can breathe fire; disappear into dark shadows; saliva is occasionally toxic to other organisms (if ingested); rare ability to read minds/foretell the future (if hatched under one or more full moons)

Location: The Rainforest Kingdom; the Lost City of Night on the southern peninsula; formerly the NightWing Island

Queen: Queen Glory

Diet: Birds, rodents, fruit, small mammals, carrion

Alliances: Princess Blister; SeaWings (During the Great War); RainWings (After the NightWing Exodus)

Significant Members

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A subspecies has few variations when compared to the species as a whole. NightWing subspecies should not diverge far from canon NightWings.

They live on an island north of IceWing territory where it is only light for a few hours in the middle of the night. They are only active in those hours and have little need for food o drink as sleeping gives them most of their energy. They are acutely in tune with the moons and their powers differ from the regular NightWings a bit. A 1 moon born dragonet can control the tides, a 2 moon born dragonet can pull things towards them, a 3 moon born dragonet can glow. Also if there is a dragonet born under the comet they can move very quickly. They have way lighter colors than regular NightWings. Their mating season is based on the lunar cycle.

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Appearance Volcanic NightWings have similar scales to their ancestors, but living by a volcano has also changed their scales to somewhat resemble it more. They're base scales stay ash black but can sometimes be a dark, rocky brown. However, the big change is seen on the spikes on their spine, aswell as in smaller areas like the scales sorrounding their talons- Those scales have become a bright orange, though each scale is slightly different in color. Their wing patterns have also changed, keeping the complete black but now having orange streaks that resemble cracks.

Features & Abilities

Volcanic NightWings also have evolutionary changes, which is not surprising. They have long, curled, stubbish talons for digging and climbing, and their constant presence next to heat and light has worsened their night vision but
King Magma Headshot

An example of a Volcanic NightWing with brown scales.

allowed them to withstand heat much better, and made their scales more fire resistant than their ancestors. They have stronger fire to breath and some are said to give off warm auras as their dark scales absorb the heat. There have never been moon-born Volcanic NightWings.

Territory Volcanic NightWings live on an island not far from the old one, where another volcano was found. At the edges are dark shores with soft, somewhat burnt sand, and water that seems to stretch on longer than it does due to the constant, thick fog. There isn't very much grass, and whatever grass there is is very weak. There are plenty of rocks ranging from small and stubby to tall and peakish for the Volcanic NightWings to perch on. Near the volcano, there is a ravine stretch where most of them decide to live. Somewhere around the 'far side' of the island is a forest where most of the Volcanic NightWings get their food.

History Atleast a hundred years ago is when the first NightWings came to the island, a group of atleast 150. Stories tell that the NightWings that came here were to proud to go to the RainWings after the old island volcano erupted and killed many others, though most other NightWings advised they not go as another eruption could happen.

Diet Volcanic NightWings tend to live off things like fish from the sorrounding sea, crabs, mice, rabbits, bobcats, and bears.

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NightWing Sigil


Description: Black or dark-colored scales and eyes; scattered star-like patterns under wings; forked black tongues;has a single scale on their left shoulder

Abilities: Can breathe fire; disappear into dark shadows; saliva is occasionally toxic to other organisms (if ingested);can shoot silk from out of wrists

Ruler: RubyTiger

Diet: Birds, rodents, fruit, small mammals, carrion

You May Make A Tropical Nightwing Without Permission ~Animus Are Rare, But Not Unheard Of ~Seers/Mind Readers Are More Uncommon


'Tropical Nightwings are slightly greener in color. They often have light greyish-green-black underbelly. Their tails have stronger scales so they can swing from trees easier.'

Features & Abilities

'Tropical Nightwings have extreamly sharp eyes. It is harder for them to have the powers given from the moons as their eggs have adjusted to the open skies. It must be two moons for them to even remotely have powers. They can also see in the dark well and smells things from 10 meters away (32ft)'


' Tropical Nightwings live in the forest, its rare to find a tropical outside the forest. They live in small wooden huts and live in clusters of 10.'


'Tropical Nightwings evolved after spending their lives in the forest. There scales adapted to the color and as a result turned greenish.'


'They live of fruit and wild birds. Sometimes they eat bears but dislike sloths.'


'When a egg hatches on a three moon night it gains the power to read minds and see the future. On rare occasions is can change its wing membranes colors like rainwings. It may seem like the dragons who can do that are hybrids and that is slightly correct, they descended from multiple Rainwing hybrids.'

For Galaxy Galaxy NightWings are a unheard of to most, and are very, extremely rare. So rre, that this subspieces's population is lower than 45. They have strong prophetic/mind reading abilities, and galaxy like wings. Normally they are pitch black with diamond tear drops that are silver or gold, and their toungs are not forked and dark blue. Commonly the NightWings keep them in chambers to prevent them from unleashing full power, wich is a aura that can do terrible damage. Want to make one? Ask Kittenjewel101


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