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A subspecies has few variations when compared to the species as a whole. NightWing subspecies should not diverge far from canon NightWings.

They live on an island north of IceWing territory where it is only light for a few hours in the middle of the night. They are only active in those hours and have little need for food o drink as sleeping gives them most of their energy. They are acutely in tune with the moons and their powers differ from the regular NightWings a bit. A 1 moon born dragonet can control the tides, a 2 moon born dragonet can pull things towards them, a 3 moon born dragonet can glow. Also if there is a dragonet born under the comet they can move very quickly. They have way lighter colors than regular NightWings. Their mating season is based on the lunar cycle.

Created by Dawnforger

theyre closed please dont touch dont make dont delete

Appearance Volcanic NightWings have similar scales to their ancestors, but living by a volcano has also changed their scales to somewhat resemble it more. They're base scales stay ash black but can sometimes be a dark, rocky brown. However, the big change is seen on the spikes on their spine, aswell as in smaller areas like the scales sorrounding their talons- Those scales have become a bright orange, though each scale is slightly different in color. Their wing patterns have also changed, keeping the complete black but now having orange streaks that resemble cracks.

Features & Abilities

Volcanic NightWings also have evolutionary changes, which is not surprising. They have long, curled, stubbish talons for digging and climbing, and their constant presence next to heat and light has worsened their night vision but

An example of a Volcanic NightWing with brown scales.

allowed them to withstand heat much better, and made their scales more fire resistant than their ancestors. They have stronger fire to breath and some are said to give off warm auras as their dark scales absorb the heat. There have never been moon-born Volcanic NightWings.

Territory Volcanic NightWings live on an island not far from the old one, where another volcano was found. At the edges are dark shores with soft, somewhat burnt sand, and water that seems to stretch on longer than it does due to the constant, thick fog. There isn't very much grass, and whatever grass there is is very weak. There are plenty of rocks ranging from small and stubby to tall and peakish for the Volcanic NightWings to perch on. Near the volcano, there is a ravine stretch where most of them decide to live. Somewhere around the 'far side' of the island is a forest where most of the Volcanic NightWings get their food.

History Atleast a hundred years ago is when the first NightWings came to the island, a group of atleast 150. Stories tell that the NightWings that came here were to proud to go to the RainWings after the old island volcano erupted and killed many others, though most other NightWings advised they not go as another eruption could happen.


Volcanic NightWings tend to live off things like fish from the sorrounding sea, crabs, mice, rabbits, bobcats, and bears.

This is by Blackberry you need permission to make one

NightWing Sigil.png

Description: Black or dark-colored scales and eyes; scattered star-like patterns under wings; forked black tongues;has a single scale on their left shoulder

Abilities: Can breathe fire; disappear into dark shadows; saliva is occasionally toxic to other organisms (if ingested);can shoot silk from out of wrists

Ruler: RubyTiger

Diet: Birds, rodents, fruit, small mammals, carrion

You May Make A Tropical Nightwing Without Permission ~Animus Are Rare, But Not Unheard Of ~Seers/Mind Readers Are More Uncommon


'Tropical Nightwings are slightly greener in color. They often have light greyish-green-black underbelly. Their tails have stronger scales so they can swing from trees easier.'

Features & Abilities

'Tropical Nightwings have extreamly sharp eyes. It is harder for them to have the powers given from the moons as their eggs have adjusted to the open skies. It must be two moons for them to even remotely have powers. They can also see in the dark well and smells things from 10 meters away (32ft)'


' Tropical Nightwings live in the forest, its rare to find a tropical outside the forest. They live in small wooden huts and live in clusters of 10.'


'Tropical Nightwings evolved after spending their lives in the forest. There scales adapted to the color and as a result turned greenish.'


'They live of fruit and wild birds. Sometimes they eat bears but dislike sloths.'


'When a egg hatches on a three moon night it gains the power to read minds and see the future. On rare occasions is can change its wing membranes colors like rainwings. It may seem like the dragons who can do that are hybrids and that is slightly correct, they descended from multiple Rainwing hybrids.'

Blood Moon NightWings are made when a normal Nightwing is hatched under blood moons. They are seen as cursed by most and are often killed after hatching. They are always a Dark red color, with their wing membranes still being black, and their silver scales are a metallic red. If there is only one blood moon up, they can disguise themselves as dragons form other tribes. When there are two moons up, then it has the ability to control the blood in the veins of other dragons. Under three moons, they can control other dragons and the two moons get upgraded, and in only one case, raise the dead. The ladder has only been seen once and that dragon was immediately executed. Before he died, He cursed with his animus the moons so that every 500 years, there would be three blood moons. When ever these happen, it is called the night of despair. Do note that animuses are almost unheard of and the ones that were only born under one moon are least likely to get killed.

Anyone can make one as long as you credit Stitch8 for the idea.

For Galaxy Galaxy NightWings are a unheard of to most, and are very, extremely rare. So rre, that this subspieces's population is lower than 45. They have strong prophetic/mind reading abilities, and galaxy like wings. Normally they are pitch black with diamond tear drops that are silver or gold, and their toungs are not forked and dark blue. Commonly the NightWings keep them in chambers to prevent them from unleashing full power, wich is a aura that can do terrible damage.

Want to make one? Ask Kittenjewel101

Ask User:AuroraTheSilkWingQueen for one. Blue Moon NightWings are born only when there is a blue moon out. (In Phyrria/Pantala, blue moons are actually blue, and occur way less often. Like, once every 1000 years. There has never been more than 1 blue moon out at a specific time) and they don't have mindreading/futureseeing powers. If their parent has that kind of name, their power comes from the other parent. If both, it comes from the most closely related dragon without that style of name.


They are usually gem colored, with at least one part of their body having a gradient. Their eyes are always a shade of blue.


A Blue Moon NightWing has a power based off of either of their parent's names. (ie. A Blue Moon who's mother is named Gemfinder can have crystal powers) However, the power is hard to control, so many try to supress it when they are young.

New Moon NightWings were created by Deep-Sapphire. Please ask them for permission to make darkborns, but you can make as many normal New Moon NightWings as you wish without permission--just give credit.



New Moon NightWings have the same basic body type as your typical NightWing, with straight horns, dark eyes, and forked black tongues.


Unlike normal NightWings, New Moon NightWings are mainly white like the moons, with black wing membranes that bear the pattern of the galaxy in the sky. Moonborn (or, in this case, darkborn) dragons have black teardrops next to their eyes, instead of silver. Their eggs are also silver (like moonborn NightWing eggs) and turn black under one or more new moons.


Like ordinary NightWings, New Moon NightWings (hereafter NMN's) can breathe fire and have psychic powers that are affected by the moons. However, NMN's powers are a little different: instead of coming from the full moons, their powers come from new moons. One new moon gives either hindsight (the ability to see past events that will affect the present or future) or the ability to project thoughts into other dragons' heads, and two new moons give both. Three new moons (often known as a Darkest Night) are so rare that not much is known about dragons born at this time, but it is thought that NMN dragonets hatched on a Darkest Night have the first two powers, as well as the ability to create illusions and warp reality. However, this may be an exaggeration.


The Talon Peninsula has been in ruins since the NightWing tribe proper fled the Darkstalker, but those who remained behind continued living there and eventually became New Moon NightWings. They currently live mainly in caves along the coast of the Talon Peninsula.


There is essentially no difference between the diets of NMN's and normal NightWings, save for small differences in prey availability due to living on a different part of the continent.



Like the other Pyrrhian tribes, the NMNs are led by a queen. However, the NMN queen is more of a figurehead (like Queen Elizabeth in real life), with the actual leadership coming from a governor elected by the population. The current queen is Queen Virgo, and the current governor is Governor Regulus.


NMNs are usually named after celestial bodies and constellations. Some examples:

  • Rigel
  • Cygnus
  • Leo
  • Andromeda
  • Vega
  • Io
  • Antares


These dragons usually have green or blue colouring, and a weak lighting power. Some have the ability to manipulate weather. and their power usually gets stronger over time. Their eyes glow bright blue, green or yellow. They have lit up slits in their scales and horns, which light up brighter than any SeaWings' scales. These cannot be controlled, and have a tendancy to flash for several minutes for no apparent reason.


These NightWings can hatch as long as there is at least one full moon and a lightning storm is happening. The egg must be struck by lightning, and this is very rare. The egg will not be blown to smithereens, unless it is a Hybrid.


They usually eat fruit, and drink a lot of water.


Will have either mindreading, future sight, or both. The strength of their power varies on both the moon, but gets stronger over time. If their are struck by lightning in flight, they will become overcharged and will have full power and control. This state is permanent, unless they are enchanted by an animus. If a dragon is overcharged, they will glow and if a dragon touches them, they will succumb to the strong electrical currents coursing through the dragon's body.


If they haven't been accepted into NightWing society, then they usually inhabit the bottom part of the Rainforest area, where it isn't as dense.


You need permission from Queen Dusk to make one.

Physical Description

This subspecies has IceWing blood (they are the product of several IceWing-NightWing matings), so are half white-coloured, half black-coloured. They usually have a white upper body, including head, back, wing-arms, and tail, and black on the lower body, including legs. Their wings have constellation patterns on them , and are battleship grey in colour. They have antler-like horns that branch out like a tree, and have purple, blue, black, or red eyes. They have IceWing spikes all down their back.


They are able to mindread, but not prophecize. They are usually clever, quick-thinking and intelligent, their specialty being in science. They can also have telekinesis if born under two or three half moons. From their IceWing blood, they can also withstand cold temperature up to -10 degrees Fahrenheit without freezing. Like most tribes, they also have the ability to breathe either frostbreath (only if under 30 degrees Fahrenheit) and fire (if over 30 degrees Fahrenheit)


Ostracised by normal NightWing society, they went on a great migration in 2895 AS that led them to a large island about 50 miles off the coast of the Talon Peninsula. On the island is a large pine forest that covers 70% of the land there, with lots of ponds and other bodies of water. There are also fields with rolling hills, and a mountain range that splits the island in two. Halfway up the highest peak there, called Snowcloud, is where the capital is located. There is a portal to the Lost City of Night there.


The Half Moon NightWings’ diet is similar to a normal NightWing’s, but with more fruits, grains, and vegetables due to the quality farmland.

List of Royal MoonWings (as of 5012 AS)

Queen Moonstar King Quicksilver Princess Halfmoon Princess Crescent Princess Silverfox Prince Supermoon

Regent Timberwolf

flamewing: flamewing nightwing are the last flamewing refugee {see flamewing sandwing} the are born under a skyfire comet and can breath fire fore tell the future and stop dragons from reading their mind they currently live in the volcano island as they dont mind lava (like most flamewings)

SSN = Shooting Star Nightwing

These types of nightwings are completely free to use, but feel free to credit emmakatt (me) if you feel like it.


Shooting star nightwings are nightwings who have hatched in a meteor shower (also known as shooting stars or falling stars). Hybrids cannot become SSNs, and they will hatch normally as if there was no meteor shower. SSNs can also be hatched during the day (not just at night) because even though meteor showers can’t be seen as well during the day, they still happen.


Shooting star nightwings look moderately similar to regular nightwings, but they often have white underbellies and they always have silver scales next to their eyes that glow, even if it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can read minds (when I refer to ‘the scales around their eyes’, I always mean the scales that mind reading nightwings have). Their extremities (legs and talons, tails, horns... etc) also tend to be much lighter, or even pure white in rare cases. Their eyes also glow and are a very light bluish - purple color, and sometimes even are pure white (although these colors for SSN eyes only apply to the irises, not the pupils, the pupils are always black). However, their main and most differentiating factor from regular nightwings is their wings. Their wings tend to be larger, and their wing membranes, instead of having the regular star speckled pattern, have many, many more stars and even glow in the dark. However, the outside of their wing membrane always has less pattern than the inside.

Appearance Variations (between shooting star nightwings)

There are many differences in appearance, even among SSNs themselves. For example, the standard SSN’s egg was hatched in a meteor shower that was mostly composed of meteorites made of stone, which is the most common type of meteorite. These SSNs have lighter extremities (but not pure white, keep in mind, almost nothing about these first types of SSNs will be pure white), have moderately light underbellies, their eyes are either light blue or purple, their wings are slightly larger than the average nightwing and they have increased pattern on their wings membranes, but not by that much.

This second type of SSN is when a nightwing is hatched in a meteor shower that is composed of meteorites that are mainly made of iron. These SSNs all have the chance of being born with anything pure white (not anything, but anything said before, like their extremities and their eyes). Their wings are much larger, and their wing membrane star pattern is increased by a lot, making the inside of their wing membranes almost entirely white (however, you can still see the pattern).

This third type of pattern isn’t exactly a full pattern, because it mostly adds on to the existing pattern that’s already there. This type of pattern happens when a nightwing is hatched in a meteor shower that contains a significant amount of gold in it. For example, a nightwing born in a meteor shower mostly made of iron (this also applies to stone meteor showers), but also with a significant amount of gold in it will add onto the existing pattern by:

  • Adding splotches (kind of like a nebula) and stars of gold to the wing membrane
  • Adding a fade of gold at the SSN’s extremities (these do not glow)
  • Adding (sometimes) freckled bits of gold onto the SSN, usually on the face (these also don’t glow)
  • Making the silver scales (usually a sign in regular nightwings of being able to read minds) a gold color, instead of silver.


SSNs can have the same powers as regular nightwings, with the same conditions (they can have mind reading powers and visions, just like regular nightwings). But they also have powers that are exclusive to them only. If they learn how to control it, they can choose and change how much light their inner wing membranes emit, and they can learn how to emit so much light from their inner membrane that they can blind their enemies for a few seconds, which makes their power useful in fighting. They can also learn how to emit light from individual sections of their wing membrane, but this is almost impossible and takes a huge amount of practice and dedication. Nightwings with the gold pattern can even make their eyes and the scales around them glow, and can control that glow just like their inner wing membranes (however SSNs without the gold pattern cannot control their eye and scale glow, the eye glow does not affect their sight). But the rarest power of them all, almost never seen in shooting star nightwings, is the power of telekinesis. SSNs with this power can manipulate rocks, dirt and any other material with their minds, as long as it comes from outer space (if you’re confused about the meaning of telekinesis, you can find out what it means on google or another search engine).


Even if shooting star nightwings seem amazing and all-powerful, there are still some setbacks to being an SSN. For example, SSNs are sensitive to light and heat, and if they stay in the heat too long, they have a higher chance of passing out, or even dying (but that is a very, very, low probability, and an SSN would have to be near the temperature of a volcano for them to die, so even the desert probably wouldn’t kill an SSN, but they would definitely pass out).

Anyway, thanks for reading. Just a friendly reminder; this type of nightwing is completely free to use, and requires no permission to create an OC that is one, just please don’t go around saying that the shooting star nightwings were your idea (and you can credit me if you’d like, but you don’t have to). This subspecies was created by emmakatt.

Have a nice day!

SeaBorn NightWings are made by CarrotWalk. You do not need permission to make a SeaBorn NightWing!You WILL need permission to make a SeaBorn NightWing that's a hybrid with any other tribes, not including SeaWings you can make a SeaBorn NightWing and SeaWing hybrid without permission. They do not have animi as they don't have Whiteout who carries/carried it and they specifically do not have dragonets with royal SeaWings as they carry the animi gene and they don't want another "Darkstalker".


SeaBorn's look like any other NightWings except they are mostly shades of blue. They can still have blacks,greens,and purples although they are more uncommon. They have a slight less amounts of stars under their wings but still have them. They have strong forearms meant for swimming giving them a more bulky appearance. They are also have more weight to them so they can stay in colder waters a little longer.

SeaBorn NightWing example. Base by GlamorousSneaking.


Excellent Night Vision. Can hold their breath for an hour. Amazing natural sense of direction and time. The normal NightWing abilities.


After the freak out with DarkStalker, The NightWings flew away from their old home to a volcano, but not all. A big group of thoses NightWings split paths as they refused to live on a "volcanic disaster soon to happen". So the flew off in the northeastern direction. Due to them having no queen they decided to make a vote on who should be queen. They eventually chose two dragons, two queens, two NightWings. After they had their queens they could have separate rule for the NightWings and not stress one queen and could split the powers between two. One that covered their new land, territory, army, battle trainings and one that dealt with diplomatic things, truces, food supplies and judicial things. Having two queens was the SeaBorns way of life and different from the rest of the NightWing's that flew to the volcano. They still kept there normal traditions. They placed their eggs under moons and such. They avoided putting them under three moon's incase that was another way an Animus could come into the light. If a SeaBorn was hatched under three moons they would be watched vigorously until they were ten, watchers would constantly make sure they were thinking of something else as to make sure the Three moon didn't know what an animi was and so if they were one they coudint hide it. The SeaBorns thrived more than the NightWings on the volcano. in 4,000 AS about 100 NightWings from the volcano learned about the NightWings of the sea and secretly left the island to live with them. Now travel and communication with the original NightWing's and Seaborns are very minimal and both NightWing's practically forgot about each other.


Due to their location they usually eat mostly fish but they do eat other things like Seabirds and other land animals that can live by the sea. They also eat fruits not a lot but they do eat things like bananas. They also find coconuts a delicacy.

Naming System

They keep the same two name naming system the only difference is that they use more sea related things in there names i.e WaveMake, SeaDrainer, OceanEyes.


SkyWings They have a decent with the SkyWing's. Most believe the SeaBorns are spys. They have normal trading systems.

SeaWings They have a very good relationship with the SeaWings. They have a good trading system and discuss things together.

SandWings They don't interact with each other.

IceWings They don't interact with each other.

RainWings The whats? Oh yeah! The sleepers!

NightWings They still interact and SeaBorns and the original NightWings consider themselves as both on tribe that has been split. They maintain weak trade.


Unlike most tribes who have a royal family the SeaBorns pick who becomes queen whether they were related to a previous queen or not. Here are official SeaBorn queens, please do not use these names whilst making a SeaBorn.

  • FutureMaker (First Queen)
  • GalaxyDiamond (First Queen)
  • NightTail (Second Queen)
  • FaceBreaker (Second Queen)
  • SeaBone (Third Queen)
  • EclipseTalons (Third Queen)
  • Strain ( Fourth Queen)
  • WaterBender ( Fourth Queen)
  • SeaMaker ( Fifth Queen)
  • WaterWings ( Fifth Queen)
  • DarkHeart ( Sixth Queen)
  • BlackSea (Sixth Queen)
  • HighSea ( Seventh Queen)
  • CrystalLake ( Seventh Queen)

Sleepstingers are created by Moss the RainWing/nyra. You do not require permission to create a Sleepstinger, but you need permission to make a royal sleepstinger.


Can have oranges, reds, dark pinks, and purples. Depending on the dragon, they can have northern light patterns on their wings. However every Sleepstinger has a stinger on the end of their tail, which they use to initiate their ability.


Abilities of Sleepstingers mainly come from heritage. If you've had Sleepstinger history before, then your ability could be extremely similar to that of your Sleepstinger ancestors'. Some of the abilities include sending people to sleep, not requiring sleep, creating specific dreams for dragons, appearing in dreams (like a living dreamvisitor), and seeing someone's dream but not appearing.


For a Sleepstinger to be created, they require to be hatched under the northern lights. When an egg is touched by the northern lights, a small, dully glowing talonprint that fades pink-cyan-green will appear on it.


Sleepstingers require moonbathing to recharge their abilities, otherwise they get weaker and weaker until they can't use them. They're also extremely heavy sleepers (aside from the sleepstingers who do not require sleep), and will have nightmares or occasionally 'daymares'.

Naming System

The names for Sleepstingers are usually to do with sleep, dreams, or nightmares. The name 'Sleepstinger' comes from the first known Sleepstinger, who... was named 'Sleepstinger'.

That's all for Sleepstingers. Thank you for reading.


The following resources pertain to the entire NightWing tribe and are free for community use. Please do not put art that is specific to your character in the gallery for the NightWing tribe.

Credit the artists and don't erase signatures.