NightWing Sigil

Description: Black or dark-colored scales and eyes; scattered star-like patterns under wings; forked black tongues

Abilities: Can breathe fire; disappear into dark shadows; saliva is occasionally toxic to other organisms (if ingested); rare ability to read minds/foretell the future (if hatched under one or more full moons)

Location: The Rainforest Kingdom; the Lost City of Night on the southern peninsula; formerly the NightWing Island

Queen: Queen Glory

Diet: Birds, rodents, fruit, small mammals, carrion

Alliances: Princess Blister; SeaWings (During the Great War); RainWings (After the NightWing Exodus)

Significant Members

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A subspecies has few variations when compared to the species as a whole. NightWing subspecies should not diverge far from canon NightWings.

They live on an island north of IceWing territory where it is only light for a few hours in the middle of the night. They are only active in those hours and have little need for food o drink as sleeping gives them most of their energy. They are acutely in tune with the moons and their powers differ from the regular NightWings a bit. A 1 moon born dragonet can control the tides, a 2 moon born dragonet can pull things towards them, a 3 moon born dragonet can glow. Also if there is a dragonet born under the comet they can move very quickly. They have way lighter colors than regular NightWings. Their mating season is based on the lunar cycle.

Created by Dawnforger

Subspecies created by SkyFireStone. Please ask for one.

These dragons can read minds and see the future strongly, and get energy from the moon. They also have eyes the color of a pale blue moon. They do not have a mind-reading teardrop, but instead a crescent marking on their wings.


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