A LightWing viewed as an outcast to others because of her odd patterns and possible hybridism, and now resides in one of the houses in the crumbling ruins of the Old Kingdom.


NightFall is a lost dragon, outcast by society and parents who didn’t care. She’s a shell of what she used to be, adopting the name “NightFall” as she became colder and colder. Her old personality seems unsalvagable, and yet there’s one LightWing who believes she can bring that old spark back...

NightFall has the coloration of a normal LightWing, with shades different shades of soft purples for her scale colors. A white band encircles her muzzle, and a white splotch around her right eye. But her scales are an entirely different story.

Much like a zebra, several purple and white stripes cover her body.



Base by Day, colored and edited by Seaviper!

Due to her isolation, NightFall’s personality and social skills have been declining. She only talks occasionally, usually when asking to barter some of her spices for other items, or occasionally when she’s a guest for a Circle meeting.

She tends to lash out at other dragons when she feels threatened by them, wether physically or with a string of harsh insults. She comes off as a cold dragoness, and usually tries to speak as little as possible, unless when in a Circle meeting, upset, or is talking about some of her favorite hobbies. She moved to the Old Kingdom in hopes of isolating herself further from other dragons as to not have to deal with them pointing out her features and having them hurt her, but the lack of interaction was actually making her worse off and becoming more cold.

Even with her coldness, she still has a few things that she finds special and enjoys. She enjoys foraging for food and materials, or spices to liven up her food. She also enjoys to paint, and finds it calming and relaxing to soothe her worked up nerves if a day was rough. She also enjoys to cook, and likes to try out strange and new ingredients and recipes to try and please the spice vendor who got her into loving spices and cooking. She and the spice vendor share a mutual respect towards each other, as they enjoy chatting about spices and cooking, and the spice vendor is never aggressive towards her or tries to dig into her personal and social life.


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