Myrtle is a female LeafWing living on an island in the middle of the sea. She is from the Running Away roleplay, started by Darkmoon. She will soon get a PoV in a fanfic about her backstory, more on that later.


Myrtle is a yellow-green color with deep green wings, eyes, and horns. Mahogany scales are scattered on top of her green ones, and her underbelly is a pale gold-green color. Myrtle is the average size for a LeafWing her age, but she is lean from living on the island for six years, where the food is less plentiful.


Myrtle is very witty and clever, but keeps to herself. Due to the incident that got her stranded on the island, she hates all hybrids, and loathes  the continents, who exiled her. Myrtle is hesitant to trust dragons she doesn't know, but will defend her few friends to the end.


Myrtle used to be a very friendly, social merchant of both Jewel Hive and Possibility, traveling between the two. She had many friends and ran a rather successful business, selling everything from flamesilk blankets and gemstones to maps and scrolls. 

Then she met Falcon, and everything changed.

It was a normal day in Possibility, when a Sky/Ice hybrid walked up to her stand. He introduced himself as Falcon. When Myrtle asked him what he wanted, gesturing to the items in her shop, he explained that all he needed was a place to hide from the Continents. They were looking for all hybrids. When one was found, they were killed, and any pure tribe dragons that had helped them were banished. 

"I don't want you in my tent, then. I'm not going to give up my life for a stranger."

Or so she thought.

He came back every day and pleaded for shelter. Eventually she gave in, and planned an escape to a remote archipelago between the two continents. All was set in place, and the mission began.

Unfortunately, Falcon was caught and most likely killed, while Myrtle was exiled to the very archipelago she was trying to help him to. She doesn't trust hybrids anymore, due to this incident. 

The island, however, holds a hybrid camp. "I guess great minds think alike."



Falcon was the Sky/Ice hybrid Myrtle met in Possibility, and attempted to help escape. However, the mission nearly got both of them killed. Little does Myrtle know, Falcon managed to slip through the cracks two days before his execution. He has been hiding in the mountains and flying on recon missions, trying to find the island.

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