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Background Information
Creator MonsoonTheRainWing
Main Attribute Independent
Elemental Attribute Water
Theme Animal Blue Morpho Butterfly
Theme Colour Blue
Theme Song Rolling in the Deep by Adele


Character Information
Age 4 dragon years
Gender Female
Occupation None. Everyone underestimates her, and thinks she cannot work properly.
Tribe RainWing
Goal For dragons to realise that she can do more than they think, despite her disability
Residence Rainforest Kingdom
Relatives Starfruit (mother) Treefrog (father)
Allies A few
Enemies Any dragon who underestimates her (which is most)
Likes blackberries,sloths
Dislikes Memory games, pity
Powers and abilities Stronger venom,almost all regular powers, strong sense of smell
Weapons Regular RainWing weapons, except for stronger venom
Ships None
Quote "Stop! I don't need your pity. I've had enough of that to last me a lifetime."

"Just because I am disabled."


Myrtle is a dark blue RainWing. She cannot change her scales to her emotions but she can match her environment. She is a little on the small side, and she is slender. Her fangs can shoot a venom more deadly than the average RainWing. However, the strangest thing about Myrtle is her eyes. She is totally blind. Her eyes are grey and cloudy as a result.

"I can sense you feeling pity for me."


Myrtle hates pity more than almost anything else. She is very independent, and insists that she doesn't need anyone to help or care for her. But you wouldn't call her mean or rude. Myrtle is generally pretty understanding of other dragons problems. Myrtle is happy to help out where she can.

"All you need is a little love."


Myrtle was born with cataracts. When she was six months old, she was almost completely blind.When she became completely blind, she was always underestimated and pitied.

"At least you have friends. All I have is pity"

Likes and Dislikes-

Likes: Blackberries,sloths,mangoes,guavas,independence

Dislikes:memory games,pity,branches,loud noise,find the difference games

"Hey look, a real life blind dragon!"
~Small dragonet

How she feels on the inside-


"Why would you care?"


-Myrtle has cataracts because when she was an egg, still in her mother,(before her egg came out) she got a disease that is to be determined.