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Art by Wyndbain on Deviant art using the dragon maker.
Aliases Myr, Rixy
Attribute Sarcasm, Bluntness, Reading
Element Books
Color Blue
Animal Woodpecker
Song Just Like Fire - P!nk
Age 6 dragon yrs, 16 scavenger yrs
Gender Female
MBTI Personality ENTJ-T or INTJ-T
Orientation Straight
Occupation Student/Criminal
Tribe LeafWing, RainWing, IceWing, SeaWing
Goal Unknown
Residence Crystal Hybrid Academy
Relatives Her mother and father
Allies books
Enemies Mesquite and maybe Deathegripper
Likes Books, Honesty
Dislikes Lies, Evil dragons
Powers type here
Weapons Sharp tools
Love Interests Open (leave in comments)
Quote "I don't care. what you did was wrong."

Myrix is mainly blue, with a cyan underbelly. she has midnight blue speckles all along her body, and sharp, small white claws. She has small leafwing shaped wings and IceWing spikes on her tail and head. She has sharp, piercing opal-like eyes. She is very small and skinny.

Myrix is feisty, Never backing down or submitting to any dragons, even the ones she trusts. She is blunt, always speaking her mind with absolutely no filter. She is very serious, not in the mood for jokes ever, though she is very sarcastic. Whenever anyone insults her, it really hurts her, though she doesn't let it show. She is very intelligent but she has trouble with just about anything social.

Myrix has very weak frostbreath that will only give a dragon a chill. She has very good hearing; she can swivel her ears like a cat's. however, she commonly has trouble finding out where the sound she just heard came from.


She is very sensitive about her background, as both her parents were thieves. she was put in juvy for a month when her parents were caught and put in jail for life. Myrix was released and sent to Crystal Hybrid Academy.


  • Mesquite - Myrix and Mesquite have hated each other since the day they met.


  • Lucky her, Myrix has asthma.
  • She HATES stuck up bystanders or bullies.
  • vegetarian
GalleryFeel free to draw art!the first picture is by Wolfy Mesmer, second is a ref I made using a dragon maker. credits in the infobox.
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