Murrelet is one of GlenDusk's OCs...please don't use him without permission...ty! :3

Note : Murrelet is mainly a practice OC - I've never designed a DeathWing OC, so I wanted to see how it would turn out. :3


Murrelet is a dark gray DeathWing with auburn eyes and jet black talons. He's lithe and wiry, much like the rest of his tribe, with thin scales and an agile build.

His exocranium is often painted different colours and with various patterns, mainly due to Murrelet's impoverished state that renders him unable to purchase parchment. He mixes his own paints with different berries and plants that he finds in the woodlands.

Murrelet has one scar, and he refers to it as 'the battle scar.' He likes to think that it makes him look tough, and wishes that it was in a 'cooler' place, instead of at the base of his wing joint.


Murrelet is a constantly alert dragon, to the point where he could almost be considered jittery. He is known to be unhelpful and immature, complaining loudly about anything that he finds a problem with.

Murrelet is incredibly sarcastic as well, to the point where he has literally warded off anyone who might have been a friend. He's ostentatious and attention-seeking, demanding the admiration of others and having little to no regard for others.

He tends to be very loud about his emotions, blurting out whatever comes to mind - he likes to think that he's witty and intellectual, but if you ask anyone else he's 'immature' and 'rude.'


Murrelet had a fairly normal dragonethood, hatched into a family of merchants. He had no siblings but was raised alongside his niece, a young DeathWing named Tanager. She was the closest thing that he had to a sister, and she was the only one who really cared to put up with him.

When Tanager was five and Murrelet was eight, he left for Cliff Raize, in hopes of finding a friend or at least an acquaintance with whom he could bond. This search proved to be in vain, and to this day Murrelet is alone with his paints and his thoughts.



Because Tanager was the only one who cared to put up with him, Murrelet found that he often enjoyed her company, although he did wish that she wasn't so much better than him at painting. He wrote letters to her for a few months after his departing for the Cliff, but the two lost contact when Tanager went on an ambassadorial mission.

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