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Morningtide is a SeaWing and LeafWing hybrid who has the build of a LeafWing, with a lithe body and a long, paddle like tail and a narrow face. Her wings are slightly thicker than a usual LeafWing, and her sail is slightly longer.

Morningtide’s mainscales are a deep blue, slightly brighter than her wings. She has gray on her head and in her webbing. The leaf-like end of her tail Is the same blue of her wings, and her stomach is a more dull blue than her mainscales to match her legs, horns and rest of her face. There are orange swirls of color in her wings.

Morningtide has a sheepish posture, not openly aggressive and more lost in her own mind. sShe does not slouch, but appears relaxed. Her wings are usually neatly folded to her sides, and she has a brisk walk full of purpose. She does not waste her time on accesories, but it’s not that she does not like them.


Morningtide is sweet, kind and composed, but she is too focused on her work. That means she doesn't have many friends, so she's lonely. If dragons pass her on the street, she will smile sweetly at them just to try and strike up a conversation. With her friends or any dragon really, she is the funniest, most caring dragon in the world.


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