Morning Star

cr. myself

Creator Sleepy
Attribute type here
Element steel
Organism type here
Colour navy
Theme 01
Alignment type here
Age 18.5; 37 hy
Gender male
Orientation aromantic asexual
Occupation High Advisor of War and Strategy
Tribe TempestWing
Goal ensure the protection of his tribe, and family
Residence type here
Relatives type here
Allies type here
Enemies threats to his tribe
Likes type here
Dislikes type here
Powers and abilities type here
Weapons type here
Ships n/a
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He has no eye for jewelry and does not wear soft metals at all, preferring practical materials and armour. He has no piercings and rarely puts on ornamental clothing, but does wear arm guards and occasionally military regalia. He does not concern over the modern fashion and cares little for looks, but still keeps a clean-cut appearance to appease the royal valets.

He has an old scar from an assassination attempt many years ago, a pale line twisting around the circumference of his throat. He also has large scars on his stomach and several other on his body, especially along his arms and tail.



Morning Star is a relatively quiet and reserved dragon, and keeps mostly to himself. He rarely shows in public unless summoned and is uncomfortable talking to people, but accepts invitations nonetheless out of politeness.

he loves his brothers with all of his being, but otherwise is pretty distant to others. his heart is hardened, but he is a total doormat for his brothers.

not very reactive. stoic. smiles sometimes, though, he really isn't a bad person. he cares, but he shouldn't. conditioningggggg

he has a Older Brother Mentality, protective but lets the bros do their thing. respects freedom and wants his family to be happy and have a good life.

humble, for he too had a humble upbringing. pretty conservative and values family and bonds over reputation.

feels pressured to be a good role model for his bros and the Ideal Soldier, -- he was the representative of the TempestWing military, for the love of the gods!



history w/ q and storm



Morning Star possesses the average TempestWing abilities as well as his tribe's conventional military knowledge, albeit vastly more because of his background and occupation.

enhanced senses.

intelligent, but more of a 'guts-feel' kind of guy

gets seasick super easily.