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Moonflight is a 14-year-old NightWing-SeaWing hybrid. She has pale blue scales and eyes, and dark blue overscales. Moonflight also has gills, webbed claws, and fins with a faint bulls eye pattern.

She is currently in a relationship with Prince Sidewinder.


Moonflight has an ugly scar on her chest. Her ears are notched and she has a tiny scar behind her horns.


Moonflight is smart, and is a very good fighter because of this (even though she is not very strong). She is also very polite and friendly, but also nervous, bossy, sassy, and EXTREMELY CLUMSY. She prefers to observe her surroundings rather than asking questions.


Moonflight can read minds, but she can also enter a dragon's mind and have a thought-conversation with them.


Moonflight's egg was abandoned when her mother found out that her father was a SeaWing. They were good friends before the egg, but that changed quickly after it was laid. The SeaWing father, Fjord, found the egg hidden in a forest and raised Moonflight all by himself in the kingdom of the sea. Most dragons didn't like the idea of a hybrid, but quickly got used to it.

When Moonflight was old enough, she joined the SeaWing, SandWing, and SkyWing army (the war started when the sky kingdom split in two, because of hybrid law issues). SeaWings were on the side that wanted the freedom to find a mate in a different tribe. After 5 years of war, Moonflight had been adopted by the royal family and became a princess, and had befriended Princess Mercury of the SkyWings and Prince Sidewinder of the SandWings. Soon, she was promoted to the position of general, and led the army into many battles.

When she and Sidewinder were on a mission together in the Mud Kingdom, they began to develop feelings for each other. They spent a lot of time with each other afterwards, and re-started Jade Mountain Academy with their other friends after visiting the lost continent with Sunrise (AW), her best friend and Stonetalon the assassin. She was also reunited with her mother, Ambermoon.

Other Facts
  • Moonflight is 12.5% SandWing through her mother
  • Her father doesn't have a drop of another tribe's blood in him, making Moonflight exactly half SeaWing
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