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Dark Wolf seems quite docile and shy at first glance. She is the 2nd oldest, and a close enemy to Falling Rain. She is quite scary, and forces others to love her, and choose her as the next lady. When she is lady, she plans to do some cruel things to the tribe. If not, she will murder her sisters. Natrually, she is snappy and rude, and tries to hide her flaws by being sarcastic and just straight up cold.

If a DeathWing war broke out, using her intelligence, Dark Wolf would side the TempestWings, RainWings (Excluding NightWing since they can have real prophecies and dont want to fight anymore), IceWings and HiveWings. Due to the fact she had a DriftWing mate, it would be possible she would side with them. Dark Wolf would also be a talented fighter, leading armies and not joining in claw to claw combat unless needed to. Like Blister, she seems cunning, and the one to make secret alliances.

When Dark Wolf is angry, she will 'uncontrollably' let corrosive vapor flow out of her mouth. No one suspects its her, because she is royalty.

Dark Wolf who hates her former mate, Springbringer, will need to marry a high class and military raised rude dragon, named Loud Thunder. Dark Wolf will need to, but because of this, she might kill him if he 'betrays' her.


Her 'skull' was placed in liquid like iridescent red dye, giving it a strong iridescent red shine (It is not red, its just her grey ish blue ish exocranium has a iridescent red shine when put under light). Her eyes are a blazing gold, and her main scales are dark grey almost black, with a dark grey with a blue hint underbelly. Some scars, and is just as large as her sister, Falling Rain. She is also noted to have a narrow tail and narrow arms, and a long neck, Always with a normal, but somewhat cunning face.


Springbringer: After Springbringer learned it was wrong to mate Dark Wolf, he took their eggs and fled to the Mud Kingdom, but failed when Dark Wolf fund him and had her guards take the eggs, and after Dark Wolf got possession of the eggs, killed the guards. She attempted to kill Springbringer, but failed due to Graceweaver and Moorhen stopping her. Dark Wolf hates him with a seering hate, and every day she asks scouts of any signs of him. Dark hopes he is dead, and hopes her dragonets never meet him.

Summer Moon: Summer Moon is one of Dark's dragonets.  She loves her, and goes to check on her and her brother every day. Dark Wolf strangely is a motherly figure, but in her way.Most dragons ho know their secret think its because she is royalty, and knows ho to treat dragons, yet she is way too protective and can let her anger slip past her when caring. Summer Moon is noted to be the one who doesnt lack abilities like her 'defective' brother, so it causes more training from Dark Wolf, and other neutral DriftWing mentors. She has a strong bond with her daughter, and Dark Wolf swears to have anyone who tries to kill her killed.

Calling River: Dark's other dragonet. She loves him, and has him more protected then Summer Moon so his life is easier (She diesnt protect Summer as much because Dark Wolf trains her) and more secure. Cared about his health alot, and he lacks abilities, but its possible he is an animus, so Dark Wofl is cautious. Like her daughter, she swears to have anyone who tried to kill him get killed.

Mistress Cool Breeze: HATE

Falling Rain: HATE

Lady Tawny Owl: Acts weird around her and is hiding her true personality. Dark Wolf actscaring, shows her intelligence and 'protects' her mother. She does this, with her sisters barely having an idea (though Dark Wolf thinks that Falling Rain will come after her) to get access to her mother's secrets, and to be in line for Lady.

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