Mistflight is Skybreaker's sister and Flames' oc.

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  • basically identical to skybreaker but
    • has purple feathers instead of grey
    • purple eyes/transitional

Mistflight is the more logical of the two, and views most of the world as black-and white. She is normally quite calm, but will explode if too much stress is placed on her. She is a fairly skilled strategists, but only plans for the most logical pattern of events. She isn't a good improviser.

She is extremely careful with her powers, not using them unless necessary. She can release small, controlled shocks about the power of a normal TempestWing's stunning shock. Her weird outbursts happen when she is thinking about too much, even when she doesn't think she is.

The twins hatched just before a thunderstorm. Mistflight was the first out of the egg, with Skybreaker five seconds behind. Mistflight was named after the stormcolouds closing in on the area, and Skybreaker was named after the loud thunderclap that sounded when she first opened her eyes.

They were almost always together throughout their first five years, up until first grade when they were put in different classes. Despite the fact they spent so much time together, they were like best friends. 

At age seven, their father (named Starkiller) was struck by lightning. He died instantly.

They were still quite young, and were barely beginning to grasp the concept of death. They attended the funeral with much struggle. Their mother (Golden Feather) had kept watch for the night, so taking care of two rowdy dragonets was twice as difficult. The paint that the dragonets wore was smudged within five minutes of the service. Golden Feather gave the final speech about their father, and when everyone else was quiet, Skybreaker began to clap.

She was tackled by her sister with a whisper-shout of "shut up, squid-nose!" This turned into a somewhat loud wrestling match, ending when their grandfather pried the dragonets off each other.

They were forgiven for the disruption, as they were only dragonets and had never attended a funeral before.

They continued their education until tenth grade, when Skybreaker was expelled for shocking another student. Mistflight withdrew from classes as well, to her mother's dismay.

That night, Mistflight and Skybreaker agreed that they would concentrate on controlling their powers before pursuing a career.

Mistflight told Golden Feather of this, and she said it was okay, as long as they set aside time for homeschooling.

They are currently 16, and living with their mother. They are still inseparable, even though they have various disagreements.

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