Woooooo Drome's DriftWing princess

Don't steal or use her without my permission


Mistdancer's scales are a light pastel grey, with her underscales being a significantly darker shade. The rows of scales plating her spine, legs, and head are the same shade. Her horns, claws, spines, and the top side of her wing membranes are also the same color. Her eyes are a warm gold/amber.

Her sails and wing undersides are a pale minty green color, along with the fur on her legs. Her markings are black, like most royal DriftWings, and appear in the form of random, disorganized splotches with no real pattern. She also has gold markings that appear in similar splotches. There are also small black splotches on her face.

Mist is significantly smaller than average, with a slender, graceful frame. Her wings are a little on the small side, although she's still perfectly capable of flight. She has slender legs and a long, thin tail. She wears little jewelry, usually only wearing a pair of silver hoop earrings in each ear, along with a silver bracelet on her right front leg, given to her by her mother.


Mist is a quiet, reserved dragoness. She is definitely an introvert, and she dislikes being at large social events. She would largely prefer to relax in her room in the palace, silently reading a scroll. She's a huge scrollworm, and she's almost constantly working on reading a scroll.

She gets along with her family well enough, although she gets along with some of her siblings more than others. She gets along fine with her mother, Graceweaver, and she admires her and thinks she's a good queen.


basically normal DriftWing stuff



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