Mikoto is a female LightWing character created by Pokeballmachine who is Lucina's mother who died in a NightWing surprise attack led by Powerhungry and Darkclaws in the real dimension, but in the private dimension of light and dark (dimension name currently unknown), she died in a surprise attack led by Anankos. She reappears as a spirit later in the story.

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Mikoto is a kind and caring LightWing who used to be a bit more ferocious, but stopped after gaining a scar after fighting a NightWing when defending her cave. Mikoto does not like to fight and believes every problem has a solution without violence. Her personality is mostly inspired from the character of the same name from the Fire Emblem series (Yes, I know, Fire Emblem again. I just love the series so much! -Pokeballmachine), where Mikoto believes in nonviolence, but the only thing changed was that she was never shown fighting, certainly in the Nohr VS. Hoshido war, but in Fire Emblem Heroes, she is able to learn attacking skills.


Mikoto is a Japanese word having many meanings, but two of the most common are "precious" and "nobility", referencing how Lucina loved her mother dearly and always carried on her legacy of believing in nonviolence after her death by the hands of Powerhungry and Darkclaws. It is also commonly used as a title to describe Japanese gods.

Fanfiction appearances

Dragon Emblem Series

NightWing and the Blade of Light

Mikoto was one of the first to mention Hoshido in the fanfic (and the entire series). She says the she was the Hoshidan queen, and explains the entire thing about magic that you are not permanently dead in that dimension; you get to see the pretty much "real world" and die there whenever an event or something happens.. She is a major character in the story.


"How I wish I could've been a mother to you. Do things like hold your paw, tell you bedtime stories, hunt you some free prey... Oh, how I wish I could just... do it." -Mikoto to Twinkle.

"Yes, Twinkle. Trees exist. They protect the environment and the RainWings." -Mikoto to Twinkle after Twinkle asks what a tree is.



  • Mikoto is mostly based off the character of the same name from the Fire Emblem series, where in Fire Emblem: Fates (Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation), Mikoto is the mother of Corrin, Anankos's past lover, step-mother of Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi , and Sakura, and second husband to Sumeragi . Like the fanfiction created by Pokeballmachine, Mikoto also died in a surprise attack. In Fire Emblem: Fates, Mikoto died during the festival celebrating Corrin's return to Hoshido by a surprise attack by Garon.
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