aka I have too much sonas

  • I live in China
  • I was born on March 30
  • My occupation is Pianist, Artist
  • I am lost (aka. female)
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Art Reqs:  CLOSED

Art Trades:  ASK

Ref/Jada Requests & Trades: ASK

Chatting: ASK

RP invites: CLOSED

Code Trades:  ASK



-NO Homophobia. Absolutely NOT.

-Be kind to other users on my wall, and me.

-I have every right to decline your requests/trades, so do not plead or argue with me if I don't accept

-Do not poke Art Request Threads. I'll ignore u if you do.

-Do not go on my old threads suddenly, I will close the thread and not respond.

-You are only allowed to poke Trade/auction threads when you've done your part, and I haven't responded for 10 days.


Okay. Don't judge me, I'm obsessed with HP (Which house?)

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By cloud fghsja cute

This is my message wall floof, Rosie! She likes Strawberry Ice Cream and Macarons, so feel free to give her some when you message me! :3 She also likes a rub in her fluffy belly, so be sure to do that when you want a Request/Trade done!

If you break my Message Wall Rules, or Wiki Rules, Rosie will either ignore you or if its a Wiki Rule, Rosie will go to a Mod's wall and report you. D:<

Rosie is frendos with Creamy, Kitten's floof, and they like to eat Kit-Kats, Ice Creams, and Macarons together.




O: Fear ur art so good


This is my Message Wall Guardian, Saltwater the draggo! He wears pearl necklaces around his arms, neck, and tail. He will get angry at you if you break meh rules. Please give him a honey lemon juice if you happen to pass by! He will bite your hand if you insult me, or any other users on my wall. He also likes jewelry so gifts are also appreciated! Making him sad or angry is forbidden, and I will ignore you if you do that.

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