aka Wildfire

  • I live in Menagerie Metropolis...?
  • I was born on August 8
  • My occupation is ...Hey, look, a dragon!
  • I am Plotting the end of the world...I think.

Infp|She/They|Griffindor second Slytherin| Shadowclan/Thunderclan| Dauntless/Erudite|SkyWing

Oh. A human in this cold, desolate land.

Stuff to do’’’

Art trade with Cloud (Lepiodeterria???)

Art trades: Open, sort of...

Art Requests: CLOSED

Things I nerd out about: 

The Promised Neverland, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Wings of Fire (Duh...), Hollow Knight, Marvel (Black Panther, Avengers, Gaurdians of the Galaxy ^-^), Warriors, Doctor Who, Eranomous Story/The Masked Dragon/Weeds Quest/Bitter Silence etc, She-Ra

Favorite Artists: 

Ryhnobullraq, Enigmew, Scourgeseer, Enigmew/EnigmaTheHybrid, XxTheDragonRebornxX, Squilin, FrenchToast, InterGalacticFly, Joy Ang, Pergrinecella, Spookapi, Kenyajoy


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