aka pugley or very or crazy banana girl

  • I live in A banana
  • I was born on July 31
  • My occupation is a lazy person who watches to much sanders sides,plays to much animal jam, and has read all the wings of fire books, except for the graphic novels
  • I am a random person who is obsessed with pugs

                                         she/her | strait | has lots of hate for homophobs | is pugley | autistic 

hello people, dragons, and random pugs!!!!!

im doing awesome and terrible at the same time. here is my most decent art


prince cloudburst!

Hackberry(in my new style)

my sona in my new style!

art trades: closed, its not drawing season for me(i wont have my computer to do art

art requests: closed, i like stuff in return

coding: idk how to code

a home on Secrets island for your OC or sona: open, but i might say no

if you are homophbic Hackberry will yeet her spear into your chest, so, homophobs, just leave. Also I’d love to talk about sanders sides! 

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