aka Bioluminescent Twinkie, Lane Boy, Toast

  • I live in the Hoosier state/the land of corn and beans
  • I was born on January 8
  • My occupation is writing, making WIP OCs, drawing
  • I am Female

thattoast-she/her (they if u want idk)-bioluminescent twinkie-capricorn

art trades: ask

art requests:closed

oc trades: open

rps: open

collabs: open

coding: closed

oc/tribe reviews: sure why not

feel free to stop by and leave me a message for anything! i'm friendly. i love rping!! i'd like to do an rp with one of my sparks soon, develop one of these beans that aren't really ocs yet or ash song. i love collabs and writing. i ship turtjou, moonbli, sunnyflight, cleril sorta, ripnami ftw. also maybe sunny x smolder idk (me to myself: thats sunder u bean)

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