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Queen Scarlet = yes

example of art


Welcome to my message wall! Feel free to talk to me about anything really! Art Trades: ask Art Requests: not right now Base coloring: sure Code trades: open Commissions: open on da (da points only) some of my art on pages might be outdated so they might look realllllllly bad I will only post my side of the trade once you post yours. CODE REQUEST LIST! 1. 2. 3. I will do 1 on 1 RPs! They are fun! :D Topics to talk about:
*stupid school-
*Anything in general PLEASE DO NOT DO THE FOLLOWING!
*Be rude in any way or form
*no homophobia, that’s just wrong :> thank you!
This is my axolotl that guards the message wall! Don’t be rude and attack me or face the wrath of the axolotl. Pet him while you are here, also. >>
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Oh and also these are my guinea pigs that are my actual pets I don’t have an axolotl in really life sadly...
Character in the right is my character, Cloud, and the character in the left is Peach, also my character.
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  • So, I got partnered up with you for our Break The Boarders contest, so I'll do my usual ask a bunch of questions so I get to know you!

    Who was your first WOF OC?

    Best villain in a WOF story?

    Tacos or pizza?

    Favourite subject at school?

    Favourite WOF book?

    Best Movies?

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    • alright, hello then!

      my first wof oc was a character that's currently not on the wiki. she's part of my fan tribe and her name is willow c:

      scarlet, I guess.


      science or spanish

      hmm, I'm not sure, I like most of them.

      i'm not sure 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • i guess i was casually gone for five days

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • can you make a leaf/mud ref base? I can do something in return

    basic description-

    leaf build, mud head (don't make it too big!!), mud tail with leaf tip

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  • it's not done but you can view the progress here!  also, side note, could I code your message wall sometime? It's a bit broken for me ee

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    • it is impossible XP

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    • message wall coding is so annoying honestly 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • would you be willing to do a ref trade?

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  • i need advice smh


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Cloud of the IceWings updated: Inktober but late

    like 2 minutes ago

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  • Hello Sunset, Im DayBreakers Friend Silver...Though Ice Wings And Skywings Dont Mix, We Do.So.Don't Think Weird.We are NOT a Couple. K.Just Friends. He Showed Me this site and asked me to talk to you, seeing as you welcomed him, but I am new and it took me about an hour to find your wall. (I had to go onto his account secretly...Don't tell him) SO Here i am and how do you do im new and yeah...Thats it. Well I gtg See My Queen. Bye.

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  • we are partners for storms contest

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  • since i finally decided to stop being a lazy butt im doing three houses more

    since sunset is in it, i have a question

    so later there's gonna be a five year timeskip, and theres gonna be a war across all of pyrrhia and pantala.

    here's the questions

    • since sunset is a hybrid and each dragon who's fighting is fighting for their tribe, or at least one of their tribes if hybrid, which side is she on? (the skywings will have the most powerful military/be the most powerful in the story)
    • any scars or changes in her appearance? is she wearing any armor or something?
    • will she fight?
    • what will sunset act like during the situation?
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    • 1 - she'd probably go for the skywings, as they would protect her.

      2 - she'd have more accesories, such as bracelets, necklaces etc, that are fireproof. sometimes she'll wear this cloak or mask that is animus enchanted to make her a killer of some sort for the night or something

      3 - not in battlefield (perhaps she would battle in a skywing arena of some sort, and that was how she got  all the accesories??) 

      4 - 'uh i dislike war but i'll just roll with it' there that's how she'd react

      (hopefully this doesn't effect the plot alot??? idk)

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    • all of thats fine, thanks!

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    • okay then! you're welcome!

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    • A FANDOM user
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