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  • I live in my quarters on the USS Defiant
  • My occupation is none of yo business
  • I am a Starfleet science officer

Female | StVelociraptor | Joined June 11, 2019

Message Wall Rules: Am I allowed to have rules for my message wall?

Yeah, right?

I mean, it is MY wall.

Why are you still here? You probably clicked on me by accident. 

Anyway! Rules! My favorite things in the whole world!

1.) Don't ask me for coding or art or anything. I can't art, I can't code, and I can't really do anything.

2.) I'm pretty unreliable, I get mad really quick, I have mood swings every two seconds, and I'm terminally stupid, so don't ask me questions. And I'm passive aggressive.

3.) I'm easily irritated and I hate it when people ask me to repeat myself or question me, so don't do either of those things.

4.) Don't bring up "friends" with me. 

5.) Don't ask me why a lot of my characters have anger issues. 

6.) I'm a pretty blunt person with no brain-to-mouth filter (and I'm pretty sure I'm missing a brain too—did I say that already?) so be careful.

7.) I'm passive aggressive, and I have a bad habit of taking my anger out on people, so be careful. I'm trying to be nicer, but this is my message wall, so if you ask stupid questions, that's your problem.

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