coding requests/trades are open, since I need to get back into this place. I might decline if it's complicated or I might just decline for no real reason.


  • don't spam "oghgghhhgogogo" or whatever on my wall. It's annoying.
  • no "owo" or "uwu", it's just kinda weird lmao
  • no ",,," please; that gets on my nerves
  • no spamming
  • don't barge into conversations that don't include you
  • try to use proper grammar
  • swearing is allowed here, but don't swear too much (and follow the wiki rules regarding swearing)
  • I don't do art for people super often, so if you ask for art then there's a 99% chance I'll say no
  • I don't have a message wall pet (I find them annoying, nobody needs to give a virtual pet a treat to be able to talk) so no need to give food or whatever to anything

Failure to follow these rules could lead to your thread being closed, removed, or replies being removed.

If your reply or post or whatever gets removed and it follows the rules, it might just be because I'm uncomfortable with what you're saying or because another reason. I don't remove things from my wall super often though, so this might not even happen to anyone.

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