Nightgazer the nightwingg

aka NightGazer

  • I live in A cave
  • I was born on September 20
  • My occupation is Drawing and writing.
  • I am Strange.............................

Hi! This is my wall. Please follow the rules while you are visiting my wall.

I have existed on this wiki for .

Wall rulesEdit

  • Please only give me constructive critisism.
  •  Do not rant on my wall. Keep it to yourself
  • I allow wall RP's (Or whatever you call them)

Art and other stuffEdit

Requests: Closed

Art trades: no

Anything to do with coding: Nope

Rp's: Sure!

Some of my art >>
20190803 104645
20190803 104641
20190803 104632
20190722 155614
20190722 094957

By Me

Art request/trade rules:Edit

  • I will only accept requests/Trades that have pages. i feel that My art with be trashed i

    My sona, Grace

    f i do one without a page because you have no use for it.
  • Do not claim my art as your own. It is disrespectful and i do not tolerate it.
  • I will only accept trades with equal or better art than mine (Digitaly or traditionaly)
  • I have the right to declince requests or trades.
  • Please do not give me art that is innapropriate.
  • Umm, i think that's it.
  • So follow my art rules please.
  • Follow ALL the rules please.
  • Good bye now.
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