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  • I live in polar vortex hellsite
  • I was born on July 3
  • My occupation is god
  • I am chaotic evil during the month of april
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♕ Welcome to my wall ♛ |

This is my main place of contact!
Feel free to ask questions, report suspicious behavior, roleplay, or talk to me.

Click for my wall rules.

  • Do not make a big deal if I do not answer your message right away, I may be busy or too tired to form words into sentences.
  • If I do not respond to your message within 24 hours, feel free to give me a reminder.
  • Please feel free to have a discussion or chat with me. Just please provide a topic so I don't get burnt out of the conversation.
  • My intrests include: worldbuilding, sciences, psychology, art, writing, abstract concepts, coding, roleplaying, wings and birds, and talking about thoughtful things!
  • Some fandoms I'm in/I'm somewhat interested in: WoF (duh), HTTYD (movies more so than the books), Percy Jackson (loosely), Harry Potter (loosely), Marvel Cinematic Universe (loosely), The Maze Runner (loosely).
  • On the flip-side, please respect my introverted tendencies, I may not always want to discuss with you 24/7, especially with small talk.
  • I like deleting pages and renaming blogs on request, so feel free to ask.
  • If I said something that makes you uncomfortable, please tell me straight-up that I crossed the line (this applies to anything I say in general). I am bad at reading conversations, especially on-wiki.
  • Please do not remove threads from my wall.

Please note: I try to be straightforward and mature with most people, but if I am frustrated by something or other I may be sarcastic and too-blunt, and if that happens unwarranted, please forgive me and tell me.

If it is an application, please give at least an appearance, personality, history, and abilities.
If more is specified in what you are applying for, please add it.
Art Trades: CLOSED | Code Requests: ClOSED | Roleplays: ASK
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