aka noodle

  • I live in Beach City, Delmarva
  • My occupation is getting everyone obsessed with Steven Universe
  • I am a noodle

Feel free to chat about our shared interests, recommendations, anything you need help with, art, writing, or anything else here! I'm always happy to chat. However, please refrain from being mean for breaking wiki rules.

I am a huge Steven Universe fan, so I would love to talk about it. I am obviously also a Wings of Fire fan, so that would be great to talk about too. I have read The Poison Jungle, so spoil it all you want (as long as it’s not around anybody who hasn’t read it).

I can do art! I can mostly do digital, but I can do traditional too (but I’m better at digital). Here are some examples of my art:

Egg hating allowed, Egg loving get out

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