aka (On the edge of a mental breakdown)

  • I live in Somewhere...?
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is Drawing... stuff...
  • I am Salty

Afternoon get together



well... that sounded forced.

Hello I'm InterGalacticFly (just restating something you already know) and this is my message wall. :0

Not sure why you'd be wandering around here but, anyway... You can say hi or ask me for things basically.

so... I hope you have a good day/night!!

(I'm busy with school on weekdays so I usually won't accept things then. You have more of a chance for me to notice a message if you do it on Friday or on the weekend.)(Scratch that it's summer)

Art Trades: Ask

Requests: ASK

My art

there is the one up above and all of these.


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