aka quinn

  • I live in the space among the stars
  • I was born on July 19
  • My occupation is working on my mental health
  • I am a roomba
please do not steal/tamper with/take any of the code.

"The truth cannot be buried forever."

— ∞ —

they / them or xe /xer

requests — closed
trades — closed
coding — closed
rps — ask

hello! i'm quinn (or infinity/finny), your local astronomy, engineering, and plant enthusiast. i'm currently trying to better my mental health, and thus will not be too active, so i'm afraid i may not answer very fast. above are alternate ways to contact me; i'm most active on discord.

my headmate/alter, eden, also uses this account. she'll respond to messages if i'm unavailable. she's not a fan of small talk, but if you'd like to talk to her, she'll answer.

i hope you have a wonderful day / night! <3

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