aka Jayfeather!!!

  • I live in Area 51
  • I was born on August 27
  • My occupation is Stalker
  • I am Dead inside

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my Message wall.  Here are my basic Rules, and Things you should take into account when messaging on my mall.


[1.] Please do not offend anyone on My wall, only criticize them if the ask for citicizim.

[2.] Absouloutely NO HOMOPHOBIA!! It is very offensive to me, and Anyone else in the LGBT+ Community.

[3.] If you here to ask for Roleplays, Art Requests, Or Trades, Please wait for me to respond before you get your hopes up about it

          My Interests:

[1.] LGBT+ Community

[2.] Harry Potter, Wings of Fire, Warriors, My Hero Academia, and How to Train your Dragon, The Dragon Prince on Netflix, Fan Fiction, Might get into Sanders Sides

[3.] Roleplays/Fan Fictions

[4.] Art

[5.] Animals

My Digi Pet!  'You Can Rub the egg to give a tally to get it to hatch!  14/50 Rubs to Hatch 

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