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this is bloob. say hello and please be nice to him. he's sensitve.

~ ūüÖē ūüÖě ūüÖ° ūüÖĒ ūüÖĘ ūüÖ£ ~

hey there, feel free to talk to me! i promise i don't bite!!

please don't freak out if i don't respond to your message right away even if you see that i'm on, i may be inspired to write/busy/not ready to talk to someone!!

~ statuses ~

please let me know if i owe you art/coding!! i am extremely forgetful and if i don't respond within a week please feel free to poke me.

art- closed : code- open : roleplay- open

status: cleaning out content

have a great day/night/afternoon!!

~ contact ~

Discord: WoodlandFlamesTM#3857

Flight Rising: Arboraceous

wiki message wall is preferred, as I will likely see it and respond sooner!

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  • ForestFire28
    ForestFire28 closed this thread because:
    you have better things to do than stalk me like stalking someone else
    01:39, March 20, 2019
  • charisma and poise, 1-on-1? doesn't have to be super accurate or even canon to the awesome end guard that storm built... just a little something to get them to know eachother¬†

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    • Evangeline nodded. "I'd like that. I didn't know there was one in here, but, there are a lot of things I don't know. Lead on."


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    • (pats tis¬†oke)

      Mystique turned abruptly, mumbling under his breath. He pivoted around slowly, lips moving with no sound escaping until he whispered, "I am facing the secret door out of the Haven." He began walking, distracted by his words and thoughts to pay attention to whether Evangeline was following him or not.

      He stopped abruptly. His brow furrowed. "The door should be here, but there's no wall-" he cut himself off, looking up. The barest indent in the cement was enough to tell Mystique that the door was likely there. Unadorned and painted white like the rest of the room, there it was. A smile began to spread over Mystique's face. 

      "Clever. Very clever."

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Okay. Look. Sometimes I feel like I'm so focused on giving you stuff.

    No, I don't regret this.

    Also thanks for the 100% not cheesy heartfelt card and gift you gave me a month again (probably said this already)

    (sorry for the monotone but I'm tired okay)

    So now I guess I'm taking a prize I won and giving it to you...

    Am I just trying to build up the suspense and barely having the energy to do so?


    So just scroll through this, you don't have to read it, don't really care...

    Fear's a really good artist, you know?

    So yeah. Even the sketches are amazing.

    So you had a lot of characters lately.

    And I had to ask myself if I just wanted this for myself and screw the random idea to give it to someone else.

    Welp here you go.

    It's Muse

    By Fear.


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  • hey!! i am so sorry for not responding to our roleplay ergghhhh

    i promise i will soon, and this time i actually mean it

    my point is, maybe we could do another rp in the meantime? like, im not ssying to drop the first one or anything, but you do seem like a rlly cool roleplayer,, and yknow-

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    • sorry for taking so long to respond!!


      a lot of my ocs with pages either are cringey or dont have anything on them right now-

      ive been meaning to rp with venom or scout sometime,,

      but i also have a ton of characters without pages so yknow-

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    • hmmm maybe just a casual meeting in the streets then??

      im going to guess this is going to be in pyrriha??

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I've seen you around, and you seem pretty nice, so I'll just say hi!

    • squeals* I saw that on your profile said you hate Moonbli? Just telling you you're not alone! I don't really ship Winterwatcher or Qinter either but either would have been better, just saying. XP (I mean, I ship Moonjou so...)

    Anyway... have a nice day/night! Uhhh I'm really awkward at introductions and stuff so... ;w;

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    • Yup, I agree!¬†

      I have to ask though, who do you actually ship in WOF? As I previously mentioned, I love Moonjou, as well as Anemarin, Sunket (Sundew x Cricket), Clearlistener, Glornami, Blazient (Blaze x Magnificent) and Pertle. Most of my ships are seriously unpopular and impossible, but I mean I'm that one crazy shipper so... XP

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    • nice haha

      honestly i used to ship a lot but right now i don't think i hardcore ship anything really?? i mean, i dislike a bunch of ships lol. but my brain can't be trusted rn because i just woke up so welp

      mmm maybe qinter and blacier??? shrugs

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Heyo, could Dassault possibly interact with Vestal?

    edit: on Vestal's page, can you change Arrow to Dassault and 717 to 747?

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  • i have 21 guns by green day stuck in my head¬†help

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  • 'no tag backs'

    I shall tag you, my friend.

    We aren't in the same school anymore. We keep on missing each other on chorus (I'm sorry). Sometimes I feel like I know you're online version of yourself than the real one. But you're still amazing.

    Since I've shown you the guide and walked you through drawing dragons, you've really improved. I'm happy you've become so much more skilled, and sometimes I'm a little jealous. You are better than me at some parts of these things. And I guess its time I admitted it. You're characters are really nice. They aren't all perfect and beautiful, with personalities that have forced flaws. Timepiece isn't perfect, but the foundation is solid. Caelifera may be a jerk, but she's still developed. Mystique well... they're good.

    I care about you.

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  • I came in second in the Winter Writing Contest and was wondering if you could re-code Peak's page with¬†this background? Also, happy (late) birthday!

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  • Oof how did I miss thissss

    Happy belated birthday ūüéČ ūüôāūüôÉūüôāūüôÉūüôā ūüéČ

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