Feather the Everywing

aka aka Feather

  • I live in in the Rainforest Kingdom in Pyrrhia, but lived in the Sinnoh region for a while.
  • I was born on March 25
  • My occupation is reading, drawing, doing homework, playing with Lego, becoming a Pokemon master, being bored.
  • I am a dragon, wizard, Pokemon master, a Warriors cat, and a girl.

Heyo! I am a Deviantart artist as well as a person on Tumblr, so you can ask me for digital art help as well as small bits of coding help. However, any person misbehaving on my wall will not be tolerated.



Currently request positions are closed, and will not be opened until a yet to be determined date. The start of my senior year of high school is something I wish to focus on until I can be able to have free time to do them again. Thanks for understanding!

Also, for any curious trick or treater, my door is open =)

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