aka enigmatic butch

  • I live in langtree
  • I was born on October 6
  • My occupation is prinxe of the dark
  • I am a worm
ANd Im ThE hEaRt FaIrY cropped big bubble

Hi hewwo!!! Thank you for coming to my message wall.

Click here to see my art statuses and 'wall rules'!

The Ways of the Wanderer

  • If you ask for an art trade
    • when you ask, have a character in mind and an amount in mind. (my interest usually depends on designs (or the freedom i have with a design!) and if i have time for a headshot/half/fullbody)
    • please don't be apologetic if I turn you down!!! ends up coming off a bit guilt trippish and that's not! good for anyone!
    • you must upload your side first, because you approached me!! i don't wanna risk making art for free,
  • If you wonder about my tools of trade
    • I currently use an iPad mini with an Apple Pen to draw, with Medibang Paint pro
    • Otherwise, I use a Wacom Cintiq with Firealpaca
Art Status
  • Requests --- Always closed (unless special circumstances)
  • Trades --- Closed!
  • Commissions --- Always open (DA points only)
  • Collabs --- Ask?
  • Headcanon designs --- Ask!!!
    As fun as they are, they're time-consuming to make!! Try making them yourself and asking me for my opinion or help!
  • Code trades --- Ask!
  • Message wall RPs --- Ask (usually interested!!! :O)
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