aka you have opened the yawning graaaaaaaave

  • I live in a house in new orleans they call the rising sun (nevada)
  • I was born on July 2
  • My occupation is talkin bout the business man. (artist, highschool student)
  • I am going to beat you to death in a bathroom stall (female)
  • Bio Silence, my heart thumps.

    Quiet, peace recedes.

    Heart of gold, ink and quill of soul.

    Reach out, grasp for whatever I can.

    But that's gone now, blood spills from the inkwell.

    And then it's eyes stare back at me.
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howdy im that one person who makes a ton of mature roleplays

i currently have two art projects, one is called Syzygy and the other is called Journey

im miss sugar pink, me die. also edgy vocaloid


Oleander's Bell
Background Information
Creator My mum, of course.
Main Attributes Knowledge of flowers?? Emotional denial??? Steampunk, cyberpunk, crystal, skull, flower and bird aesthetic???? INFINITE FANDOMS?????
Elemental Attribute idk death maybe cause um skull aesthetic? maybe nature???????????
Theme Animal owl or raven. idk, an "evil" bird, i'm into that "calmly death evil pleasing to the eyes" thing
Theme Color Tawny, duh
Theme Song (but this is just because of my nickname to a few irl people, Oleander's Bell)
MBTI Personality INFP but sometimes it comes up as intp and confusion ensues
Character Information
Age 15 lol
Gender look at my eyelashes, affinity for flowers and crystals, and my hair and say that "yes, that's totally a dude."
Orientation idk probably homo
Occupation big dumb dumb edgelord, digital artist, high school student.
Tribe idk. maybe sandwing/mudwing hybrid
Goal to get my crap together
Residence the bad part of nevada. like, the really bad part of nevada
Relatives mum, dad, sisters, i don't care enough to list the others
Allies really is there such a thing as an ally? like can't i just say friend
Enemies you probably
Dislikes i'm a misomaniac, by that i mean i hate that i'm scared of being hated and i hate everything and everyone...not really a misomaniac to the things i like though so just mark it as "unless i like it, I loathe it and want it to burn in hecc"
Powers and abilities poisoning people with snowdrops ig
Weapons snowdrops
Ships Begone
Quote "Im gonna keep all my emotions right here, and then one day i'll die.


  • i highkey legit am almost always out of it. im either tired, just no, or some other thing. all in all am never happy
  • im scared all the time and i hate myself
  • i also hate you
  • im a misanthrope if you haven't caught on
  • you ignorant fool
  • i will @ you
  • darkstalker is the best character
  • intp or infp. can't remember really
  • i label myself as homosexual, though i may be something else i really don't know honestly
  • i don't think in words, im similar to whiteout in that way; i think in colors and patterns n stuff. just a cool fact
  • i eat babies
  • i seriously don't like this please help
  • i wrote a thing called syhowpse and another thing called black dove
  • they aren't wof though
  • i know how to use guns
  • my favorite pokemon is vikavolt
  • i love card games
  • me die
  • the best song ever is wisdom by mother mother with lights out by hollywood undead coming in close second
  • i'd be lying if i said i wasn't aware i sucked
  • harsh critique pls i strive to improve
  • be nice please
  • i notably have a taste of dramatic plotlines and a love of character death
  • gore art isn't gross
  • i have a habit of dumping my emotions out to strangers when im sad please don't be weirded out if i start crying
  • im sensitive but also no
  • have you noticed i suck yet?
  • yes
  • im aware this is completely unneccesary and this will probably be taken down by none other than yours truly in a few days
  • im gonna say the n word
  • netflix
  • please spam me with memes i do not mind at all

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