aka help

  • I live in COUNTRY ROADS
  • I was born on July 2
  • My occupation is TAKE ME HOME
  • I am TO THE PLACE (female)
  • Bio Silence, my heart thumps.

    Quiet, peace recedes.

    Heart of gold, ink and quill of soul.

    Reach out, grasp for whatever I can.

    But that's gone now, blood spills from the inkwell.

    And then it's eyes stare back at me.
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Hey! Welcome!

Eh...I don't know any more greetings, so have a cute picture of a kitter puff.
Copy that copycat

I mean, that's obviously not a St. Bernard.

Want to art trade? They are open!

Commissions cost 10 points on DeviantART 

If you want to adopt an active OC that I am not using very much, please wait until I retire them, but if I never do, you could ask and we could negotiate an OC trade or something like that.

If you think me putting prices on my art is selfish, expect me to put hours into work without pay? So...Im selfish?

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