Cloud of the IceWings

aka Cloud

  • I live in the skies, vibing on lovely little clouds, looking down upon you all. please get out of the camera shot i just want a picture of the scenery.
  • I was born on January 19
  • My occupation is staring into the void of the universe, trying to catch that spark of motivation and always failing in the end.
  • I am definitely not a bot from a different planet trying to blend in with the rest of you, fellow humans that i am also of the same species as! (she/her)

§ requests and statuses §


art: closed | coding: closed | roleplays: open | collabs: closed

gotta get ready for artfight uwo

§ rules §

  1. typical wiki rules & common courtesy applies
  2. do not reply to threads that don't relate to you
  3. do not self detriment here, please, for the sake of both you and me
  4. title your message appropriately, label requests and trades as such

§ the wall §


and what's on the other side?

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