Cloud of the IceWings

aka Cloud

  • I live in a stellated dodecahedron.
  • I was born on January 19
  • My occupation is looking for fellow boneless individuals.
  • I am stealing your bones.

if you are requesting a 'floof' please refrain from calling them 'coot' or really my art style in general. the word in general makes me uncomfy, so if you all could use any other variation of calling my art adorable, it'd be very much appreciated.


be kind, they're sensitive. think about what you're going to write. don't be pushy. don't be rude. try your best to ensure that you're not guilt tripping. be civil.

they don't have a name yet, but you don't need a name to have an identity. beyond that, picking one that fits is much more important than plucking one out right away. i hope their lack of a word attached does not bother you.

in case you're wondering, they're a new companion. a friend, naturally. to join me for 2020, and possibly beyond. this is a friend. not a pet. a friend.

be kind, and i will try to do the same.


(by egg! [fear])

this is. a draggo. again, draggo does not have. a name. oops. however, I am very clearly definitely justified in this because finding names are hard.

this is. well, a draggo. now, she might seem a little snobby and annoyed and well,,, not the best draggo to be around. which would be true. (hey!) and that is true of me as well. i get angery easily, so sorry if my moments of >:(((!!! get unleashed on you. it is not your fault and i will apologize. it's okay!! <3

. requests .

"what's open and what's not"


if it says tentative, it means i might. you can ask, but i have every right to reject you.

. the wall .

"and what's on the other side?"

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