aka Itchy

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on March 20
  • My occupation is Playing Games
  • I am Female

Hello! Welcome to my wall! I'm always free for a chat, so you can pop and say hi if you like! I'm a huge fan on Sonic the Hedgdehog, Harry Potter and Skylanders!

DO Edit

Say hello!

Questions about certain things

Invite me to a bunch of RPs!

Ask for OC relationships!

DON'T Edit

Don't be rude about my OCs

Insult any Harry Potter House (they're all great, why do you favour one over the other?)

Be rude or insulting to anyone on my wall!


I can do art requests! I can only do headshots though! Along with that, I can do refs! However, the only ref I can't do right now is the MudWing ref!


I'm always open for an art trades!

Examples below
Red Lips


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  • I noticed you do ref requests? Is it alright if you do a ref of Magic from before her accident?

    Her mainscales were the second darkest, more black than purple, though the purple was most definitely noticeable. Her underscales were nearly completely black, the purple only noticeable if you really looked. Her underwings were a very dark purple, though more purple than black, and she had and still has bright pink eyes.

    If yes, you can refer to the FR ref for the exact colors :D

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  • Your new partner is BreathtakerTheNainWing!

    Let me know any issues.

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  • Your egg adoption is very similar to my adoption center. It's about a SkyWing soldier who witnessed Peril burning eggs and horrified by them so she rescued them, and used animus magic to reveal the dragonet inside etc etc. I want to keep my egg adoption center original so could you maybe change yours to differ a lot more from mine?

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    • I normally don't look at popular blog posts, but I'll change it if you don't like it!

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  • Uh, I'd hate to brag this on here, but it will probably concern more people here than on DeviantArt.
    I saw your drawing of Mariposa, and it looks like it was traced from someone else's art. You'd claimed it as yours. So I guess I'm kind of wondering if you'd had permission from the artist to do it..? Or if not..? IDK.
    Sorry if this'll rub off as rude or anything. I'm by no means someone in any kind of power to do anything about it, but curiosity as gotten the best of me.

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    • I thought I drew it myself. If it was a familiar drawing, I by any means never meant to copy or trace it. If I saw the picture it looked closely to, I would have not posted it.

      It's definitely ok! I used to put bases on DeviantArt, and I always gave credit. I'm fine with you asking, but I never meant to copy or make my drawing seem familiar. It was my first ever SilkWing drawing, so I tried to make it look good.

      Again, you were by any means not rude to me!

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    • Okay, then...

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  • Would you mind doing a pantalab 1v1 RP?

    (I guess then it isn’t a 1v1, but oh well then XD)

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    • (Sorry for the wait! I almost forgot about this Xc)

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    • (It's ok!)

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  • I just checked my opinions blog and saw you agreed that Romione is otp!


    Only one of my irl friends like Romione, and online Romione is always insulted and hated.

    //High fives fellow Romione shipper//

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    • Yes, I do! They're so cute together. :3 Plus, I do think Ginny and Harry are otp, Harry and Hermione is a bit....Idk, like Qibli and Moon? (That I mean two really popular characters that everyone likes as a couple.)

      Because of that, Romione is my ship!

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    • I like Hary and Hermione as a friend-ship.

      For some reason I enjoy thinking which wof ship is like a hp ship XD

      Harmione- Qibli  x Moon (though it could kinda be like Romione as well, Qibli is like Harry and Ron combined), Hinny-Cleril, Drarry- Quinter, Hinny- Ripnami, Remadora- Starspeaker (or Sunnyflight)

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  • Permission to use any characters you had in The Empires Rebellion RP in The Empires Rebellion?

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  • I was eating a potato salad

    I was enjoying it

    Until I felt something rubbery in my mouth

    an EGG

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  • Where did you get your username from? I'm just curious.

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  • heyo! I'm your BtB partner, so I guess I'll ask something.

    1) favorite book series?

    2) favorite POV from the Wings of Fire series?

    3) favorite food?

    4) least favorite character?

    5) favorite phyrrian tribe?

    6) favorite pantalan tribe?

    7) least favorite pantalan tribe?

    8) least favorite phyrrian tribe?

    9) favorite movie?

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    • 1. Wings of Fire. XD Harry Potter is close, though!

      2. Probably Moonwatcher's POV. Oasis in the BN was good, though.

      3. I can't live without chocolate!

      4. Scarlet. Or Morrowseer.

      5. SandWings! They're so cool!

      6. HiveWings are really fun and OP,  so I like them!

      7. While SilkWing deisgns are cool, they're a bit boring, you know?

      8. Hmm.....this is hard. I like them all! However, IceWings are a little too self centered.

      9. This is hard as well! Probably the HP movies.

      What about you?

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    • mine is:

      1) maze runner maybe. I've read some of it but it has already dragged me in. Wings of Fire is reeeeally close though

      2) I liked peril

      3) any fruit/vegetables are cool

      4) moonwatcher or winter

      5) sandwings, of course

      6) hivewings forever!

      7) leafwings, for a lot of reasons

      8) probably seawings or nightwings

      9) I can't choose; I haven't seen enough movies to decide which one I like

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