aka Master UwU

  • I live in The bidimensional realm of Dragonquest
  • My occupation is Loving fictional characters that can’t reciprocate my soul being sold to them
  • I am Slowly descending into Nintendo hell
Begone peasant

Wow it's a message wall. Very messagey... And a wall... Where you put messages about stuff on. Fancy. Coding from Helio's Testing Wiki.

Um, well obviously Wings of Fire, but I also like pokemon(periodically), Disney, Marvel, Mario stuff, Kirby(although I’m not very knowledgeable), and Epic Mickey(bet you haven't heard about that). Tadas. If you aren't a Stucky shipper you can fite me m8. Prince Ezran and Lotor are precious and must be protected. (Don’t say anything about Voltron; I’m on season 7!)

If you are here for art or coding, I’m not doing trades or requests. If you want to invite me to an rp, be warned that I’m very picky.
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