Manchineel was hatched under a manchineel tree which is how she got her name. Manchineel was hatched with her brother Clover. Her other 4 brothers were killed by their father when they hatched, but Manchineel didin’t know about it until she turned a year old. One night, she and Clover saw their father Moss, kill their mother, Moss then claimed he killed their brothers and was going to kill them next.After that, they fled. When fleeing, they got caught in a storm and got separated. Manchineel found herself in an unfamiliar place (which is Poison Jungle) and couldn’t find Clover.She was later found by a HiveWing named Beetle and a SilkWing named Viceroy.They took her too their own small hive to heal her injuries. Manchineel stayed with them to keep her company. As years went by, Manchineel, Beetle and Viceroy grew up and became best friends. Manchineel soon had her revenge on Moss and is is still hoping to reunite with Clover. Manchineel,Beetle and Viceroy heard there was a war on HiveWing vs SilkWings and LeafWings and helped fight in the war.


Manchineel has dark green scales from her father, light green scales from her mother which glow when poisonous.Neon eyes that glow in the dark, dark green wing membrane with the leaf-like lines glowing green.


Manchineel has always been caring to her friends and brother.The only thing she is angry about is her father.Besides that, she has been very kind and helpful to Beetle and Viceroy over her years with them.



Manchineel has been very thoughtful to Beetle and taught him about plants.He taught Manchineel how to read(Manchineel wasn’t taught reading when she was living with her family)Manchineel has a crush on him.


Viceroy has saved Manchineel’s life twice before, which she is thankful for.He taught her about silk and how SilkWings use it.He, like Beetle, keeps her company. Manchineel has a crush on him.


Clover was the closest dragon to Manchineel for the first 3 years of her life. When they both fled from their father, they got caught in a storm and got separated. Manchineel is hoping to reunite with her brother again.


Manchineel had a huge dislike on her father when she was young.He was never their for her and Clover. Moss had killed their brothers and mother and was planning to kill them. She and her brother fled haven’t seen him since, but Manchineel later killed him.


  • A real manchineel tree is said to be the most dangerous tree in the world
  • Manchineel is actually related to Sundew
  • Manchineel never knew her mother’s name
  • She never knew about the Tree Wars nor about HiveWings, SilkWings being enemies with LeafWings
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