Lupa's scales are split between four colors. The top row is magenta with the small color between the scales light blue. The middle row is a darker blue with the circles a light blue.The last row is a blue green color. Her underscales are light blue. Lupa's wings are a light purple almost pink with the insides a light blue and the outsides dark blue. Her eyes are a green blue.


Every thing was about the same except Lupa's wing buds were magenta and blue.


Lupa had a very average dragonethood. She lived with mom and half-sister, Dawn. She wasn't overly smart or bad at school.

When her metamorphosis day came her mother was acting kinda strange. For one thing she told Lupa that her father was a 'flamesilk'. Lupa didn't really know what that meant but it sounded like something bad cause she never met or saw him.

So when Lupa went to spin her cocoon, well she felt tired, but Lupa also had a feeling that everything was going to change. Well it turns out that everything did change but not they way she expected. Lupa had her wings and silk but she was surprised that it was normal. It took her a couple minutes to realize that it meant she was safe and good not dangerous and bad.

When Lupa was assigned for work she was actually lucky and got work in making the silk bridges. This was also the time when Dawn would be starting her metamorphosis five days after Lupa's own. Unfortunately, Lupa couldn't go but strangely Lupa hasn't seen her since. The last time Lupa has seen Dawn was two days before her metamorphosis.

Lupa spent three years on the bridges until she lost her balance and fell off of it and she couldn't open her wings (she fell backwards) in time so when she hit the ground she broke her arm and so she couldn't work on the bridges for three weeks. Lupa got her job changed to silk making. This is still the job she has today.

Two years after Lupa's job was changed she applied for partnering. She was paired with Brown-Moth (Moth for short) he was about one or one and a half years older than Lupa. Over the next five-six years Lupa and Moth would have six eggs but only one living dragonet named Sulphur. Even though he's five (now) Lupa still has a feeling that Sulphur will suffer the same fate as Lupa's sister.






  • Silk spinning


  • Lupa has 25% of the flamesilk 'gene'
    • This means that Lupa's children would have 15%
  • Her father's name is Ray
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