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Luna is one of the enchanted offspring of Orpheus and the sibling of Phoebus.

Background Information
CreatorFeather The EveryWing
Main AttributeShyness
Elemental AttributeWater
Theme AnimalRabbit
Theme ColorIcy Blues
Theme SongTBA
MBTI PersonalityTBA
Character Information
OccupationLab assistant
TribeDeathWing TempestWing
NicknamesLuna ((Sunrise))
RelativesOrpheus ((Father))

Sky Colors ((Mother))

Phoebus ((Brother))

Powers and abilitiesIce powers ((Limited))


Luna appears to be more like a mixture of a DeathWing and TempestWing than her brother, Phoebus. She has more of a DeathWing build, but has no exocranium. Her wings are like that of a TempestWing, making her look rather awkward while flying as she has to constantly keep herself adrift. Her spines are a combination of DeathWing and TempestWing scales.

Luna's scale color are midnight blue and black. Her eyes are deep blue, but whenever she uses her powers, they turn a soft icy blue. Her spine scales are a soft icy silver. Her general walk and stance is rather awkward as she feels that she doesn't belong as a hybrid.


Luna has the ability to use ice powers as she was enchanted by Sunrise as an egg. However, Luna is rather hesitant to use them as she has rather poor battling skills and doesn't really want to destroy the NightWing tribe like her father and brother do. She rather have friends and a nice life.

Back Story

Luna was born two weeks after Phoebus was born. Like her brother, she was enchanted by Sunrise to have ice powers, but unlike her brother, she was a bit more conscious about actions and consequences. She would try to stay as close as possible to Sunrise, Orpheus, or Phoebus, none of which thought this was proper behavior for her. She often feared lightning storms, wind storms, fire, even that of swimming near a large river.

Phoebus, who was aging twice as fast than Luna, constantly criticized her constant fear and told her to face them as he did. But she already was aware of how he came into terms with his fear by killing a dragon. She didn't want to kill anyone, and even when she did try to face her fears, she would panic and back away from them as fast as possible.

Orpheus finally allowed her to become his lab assistant among the other trainees. Luna felt more comfortable knowing she wouldn't be killing dragons directly. But that didn't stop the feeling of guilt of the thought she was helping an army possibly kill all NightWings.

Even after waking from a thousand years of the sleep enchantment, the world still seemed dangerous for Luna.

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