Link is Snow's Oc for the Video Game OC Contest. I reccomend you read the history section first, as it can help clear up some refrences in the appearance and personality sections.

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Artist -
Creator Snow
Coding ☁️
Attribute Strength
Element Earth
Animal None
Color Brown/Green
Song Pray for Me by Kendrick Lamar and The Weekend
Age A little over 5 (16 in Human Years)
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Occupation Soldier
Tribe Leaf/Mud
Goal To protect Bay at all costs
Nicknames Locust
Residence The Poison Jungle
Relatives Cypress (Mother) Unnamed MudWing (Father) Laurel (Aunt) Ash and Spruce (Cousins)
Allies His fellow soldiers, the royal family
Enemies Ganondorf
Likes Long flights, waking up at the crack of dawn
Dislikes unregimented schedules,
Abilities Plant control (More specified in Abilities section)
Weapons An arsenal of dangerous plants and bugs
Ships Princess Bay
Quote "..."-Basically what he sounds like 98% of the time


I'm always ready for a war again Link is a hybrid. But he doesn't look like one. He has a mainly LeafWing build, with the edges of his overlapping scales slightly rounded by his Mudwing blood. He is more muscular and has a higher muscle density than most other LeafWings

His horns are not made of the softer, more flexible Leafwing horn material, but instead of a more rubberlike material, one that can bend but not stretch. 

Link's color scheme is one in dark hues of green and brown, with a lighter green for his underbelly, which is dappled with splotches of dark green, like spots of shade on a meadow. 

His topscales are dark green with glints of gold and silver peeking under them.  His horns are a lighter green, fading into the dark green of his head and topscales. 

Link's wing membranes are more of a rich, earthy brown, along with the webbing in-between his slightly sharpened SeaWing-like spikes. 

He, like the other LeafWings almost always carries a bodytight harness filled with pouches containing his weapons.

After his 100-year-long slumber, Link is covered with more scars, and is less muscular than in his previous years, but still has the marks of a great fighter.

Go down that road again


It's all the same

Link has had the makings of a knight ever since he hatched. He is, simply put, a honorable, yet sometimes bug-brained, forever-loyal knight.

He was suprisingly adept at fighting, and got a lot of jealousy after being promoted to the princess's own personal bodyguard.

He has always been a quiet dragon, never speaking unless neccessary, and always following the rules. He made all the other knights jealous, and he always felt like an outsider.

Once he was commanding his own troops, it was said that his mute calm helped the troops maintain their own tranquility.Link feels like he is entitled to be silent, to give the troops something to hold on to.

Deep down, Link's silence may be due to his past experiences, his bullying (sry for being so stereotypical)

Afer the loss of his memories, Link's entire atmosphere changed. He found himself to be a more expressive dragon, with his face, body and words. He is sometimes more comical, and even a bit cocky.

I'm always ready to take a life again


You know I'll ride again


Link's mother, Cypress was the first

It's all the same

Heading here

Heading here

Heading here

Heading here

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